1 Chapter 1 "A breeze that I can't erase"

Sunset, one word but has a thousand thoughts. I'm Kaito Takeda, a college student at the University of California, Los Angeles. I'm, 18 years old, student of Business Administration and I'm Japanese, my parents moved here to America which was a "free country" and I used to live with my big brother Yuki Takeda.

"Hey! Kaito" was called by Matt my blonde hair friend.

I replied to him politely, and we walked together as we always do, ever since I moved here to California, he is the only person that talked to me, because as a freshman it feels overwhelming, excited, scared, nervous, uneasy, and so on and so for.

I don't know why this guy talks to me that day when I was lonely at the cafeteria because almost some of the students are with their friends or high school classmates.

"Have you heard? Mr. Fowler was the new substitute teacher on the Literature subject?" Matt said "yes I have heard that from the girls at the back" I replied. But to know that Mr. Fowler was 190cm with Asian ethnicity I'm kind of curious what was his face looks like.

A long hours after, we finally manage to come to the last subject for today. It was Literature. Girl students start to scream outside the room "Oh my gosh, who is that guy?" "I think I'll melt like an ice cream" "he's kinda hottie" until the guy entered our class.

"Good afternoon I am Victor John Fowler I will be your professor for the whole year in literature" he was tall with a fark hair like charcoal, pink lips like tulips, white skin like snow, and blue eyes like an ocean.

He is a perfect ideal guy for every woman who wishes for. I look around the class and all girls were just staring at him while lecturing.

After two and a half hours "that's all for today class dismissed" then he walked out.

"Thank God the classes were over," I said

"but we have a lot of homework," Matt said, and I feel like, yeah that pissed me off.

The campus hall was empty while we're walking, "Ring! Ring! Ring! Ri-" Matt was called by her mom and he needed to go home immediately, he said sorry and ran away. Well, I have no choice but to walk by myself.

"Yuki(big brother) I'm home" I saw my brother talking with a tall man.

"Thanks Victor I'll see you tomorrow" Victor? That name came to my blank mind, it sounds familiar but it reminds me of a cold breeze of air, I didn't see his whole face because I went upstairs.

"Kai, let's eat!" my brother called, I changed my clothes and put them in the laundry basket, and went down to meet my brother.

"What's for dinner?"

"You're favorite seafood ramen" he smiled, I can't explain my emotions but when he said seafood ramen, I feel delighted because it was my favorite food that our mother made for us back from Japan.

"How was school?" "It's great but our exams are near and..." I feel embarrassed.

I'm not that good when it comes to English, well expected it because I'm Japanese.

"Kai?!" I was startled "what?" "What do you mean by and?" he recall

"Oh! And...Uhm... I need your help since you are one of the best students at Teito University. I was thinking if you could help me with my literature subject?" I anxiously asked.

"Yeah I might be one, but you know that I have a job, and I can't teach you, and you also know that I need to go back to Kyoto because of your sister-in-law? Right?" he said and pat me at my head.

Well he is right his family needs him, but how in earth am I going to teach myself? I am thinking while eating. I knew that this can't be help.

"Don't worry, you're not the only one suffering from that besides we're all born equal and everybody needs to learn somehow?" Yuki said.

I stopped thinking and take a deep breath," well I guess you're right" "Ah! Speaking of I have a classmate back in Teito he was the top student from our class" the helpless feeling that I felt goes away, my brother was a lifesaver.

I smiled like I felt a cloud nine from my back. I went upstairs and grabbed the assignments that I need to finish, after an hour "Yes all my homework are done, this homework pissed me off, but I have no choice but to finish it.", I just need to endure everything for the sake of my college life so I can go back to japan soon.

It's already 9 pm and I can't sleep, the man that I saw with my brother, I felt some cold personality that no one can understand a breeze that can't be erased to my head, I was curious about his face that I couldn't see recently.

My heart was pounding and I can't understand why, I look at the window and saw beautiful stars that every one of them shines my father told me that one of the stars will be him someday, I missed my dad after he died by saving me at the car crash I was just only 8 years old when that happens.

I raised my left hand and felt the last breath of my father. I just think that how cruel the world was, he take away one of my loved ones. I just can't accept that, why not me? why is the world punishing me?

I hear the chirping of the birds outside my window, the slightly hit my face saying that I need to wake up, I need to stand again to this cruel world that I lived in.

I stand up and went to shower, I undress all my clothes and set the shower into lukewarm water, every drop that I felt in my whole body from my head, eyes, nose, lips, shoulders, chest, abdominal, hips, back, it feels like a wonderful breeze.

I was shocked by "breeze?" why does those word always come to my mind even though I'm not thinking of them? was it because of the man I saw and my curiosity strike in? I shake my head, no way that I'm thinking of him.

I smell bacon and egg, and I saw my hot breakfast at the table with milk "Yuki always treat me like a kid" with an awful face, I sat on the table and eat a lot, after washing the dishes and cleaning the house, I walked to the hallway and said goodbye to the picture of my Dad.

"Bye Dad I'm off to go now". Well, as you could imagine its natural in my culture that we do house chores, I get the taxi and head to my campus.

Its kinda little traffic, I saw a busy city, and a seashore with people walking and kids playing.

They looked happy on their lives but would you think are this kind of emotions I'm seeing are true? or just a mask that they need to wear like mine?.

The bell rang and all the students went to their designated rooms, "Matt!" I startled him

"Hey! don't do that! you know that I'm easily startled" I just laugh

"That's why I love to make pranks on you hahaha"

I just felt relieved that I can have liked this life even though I envy myself. The first subject came we talk about marketing we do some group activities until the subject ends.

"Takeda, let's go to the cafeteria we have a vacant class so let's eat I'm hungry". While horseplaying with Matt I felt the breeze that I felt at the house but when I looked back they're so many people around so I don't mind it at all.

We went to the boy's locker first to drop some stuff before going to the cafeteria. "Matt!" someone called my friend and we saw a girl running with size 36B of boobs and a slender body with brown hair, looks like a Latina I guess.

"Oh hey Carla, how are you? It's been a while" Matt said.

They hug each other like they know each other for a long time, "I'm great kinda busy at my club that's why" she replied with a smooth smile, what a jolly personality she had I hope I have too.

"By the way Carla this is my friend Kaito he is a transfer student here and he is from Japan" the girl looked at me with a kind of jealousy.

"Hi" she just simply answered and looked at me from top to toe and turn her eyes to Matt again with a smile.

It just strikes me like okay fine I'm no good when it comes to girls, I felt embarrassed, while the two are talking I just sitting while drinking juice and watching the people and I just saw the man from my house.

"Matt could please wait for me here, I'm going to the restroom"


I ran and chase the guy I saw he went into the library, I went in to and look around the bookshelves and I bumped into someone and some books starts to fall infront of me.

"Ouch" it hit my butt and back and there is a person above me he is kinda heavy I barely see a masculine figure its kinda blurred because of the sunlight coming from the window, I feel my heart pounding and I felt heavy breathing in front of me, it felt like a breeze that bothers me. I-Is he the one I am looking for?

He got up and ask "are you ok?" he offered his hand, I grab it, and it's cold but big hands rather than mine, until I saw his face, it's professor Fowler!.

I'm in shock and couldn't do anything

"Hey kid are you ok?, does anything hurt?" he said worriedly, I saw a beautiful ocean from his eyes.

"Y-yeah I'm fine, I-'m so sorry, I didn't see you coming" I bowed and asking for forgiveness, why am I blushing all of a sudden is it because we almost kiss? he pets me and said.

"No need to say sorry it's just an accident" he replied with a big voice, I raised my head I never thought he speaks Nihongo.

"You can speak Japanese?" I asked


We pick up the books and help him carry it to his office, "Sir, where can I put these books?"

"Just put it on the sofa," he said.

I'm was amazed that he read a lot of books, well it's not new for a literature teacher like him I looked around and it seems like a quiet place.

"May I offer you some sakura tea?" he offered.

"yes, please" What! I just easily said yes? but it's kinda embarrassing if I reject him.

We drink tea and it seems like his face has cold emotions and doesn't know how to smile. I watched him doing his things, until,

"Knock! Knock!"

I offered to open the door and I'm surprised what does my brother doing here? It's awkward you know, "Oh Yuki-san what are you doing here?" Fowler asked

"Oh! Kai? what are you doing here?"

"Really? did you ask me that? I guess I'm the one who will ask that." he smiled and apologized

"Sorry my fault. Since we are all here, Kai this is my friend I'm talking about he is Victor Fowler he will be your tutor until you pass your exam" my brother said with beautiful eyes.

My face just turn with fear and awfulness, like what the heck after what happened earlier? "Oh is he the one that we talked to yesterday?" Fowler said

"Yes, I'm sorry again for asking your help." they just talked like old friends.


The campus bell rang "Looks like it's my class now Yuki-san, see ya later, let's go Kaito" he just went straight on my face and said that *let's go Kaito*.

I sat on my table while listening to him teaching us, I come to think of it why do I feel the breeze from him, what does the universe want to tell me? why does my heart keep pounding whenever he closes to me?

Ugh, men, I can't understand my feelings anymore it keeps my head spinning, oh come on universe could you please give a sign from all my questions so I can get answers?.

So then the class dismissed Matt and I walked home since we're in the same neighborhood we talked a lot of things. "Hey Matt how are you and Carla?" he smirk and said

"Oh nothing between us we were just schoolmates that's all"

"But it looks like she liked you?" he just raised his both shoulders with doubt to himself.

"See yah next week Kaito" he waves and I only just wave back with a smile.

"I'm ho-" what the heck is Sir Victor doing here? I'm startled and just can't move my body.

"Oh Kai perfect timing was about to eat I prepare some curry" he smiled while preparing the table.

I pointed my finger at Victor and asked what is he doing here? He just replied

"I'm here to pick you up" while eating.

Wait what he just said he was going to pick me up? Huh? Why? I'm confused but my brother told me everything after he explained I can't face Victor, and inside my head, I feel like crying over and over.

We both walk out through the door he grabs my stuff and I saw his sportscar, and it shocked me like

*Holy shit! Was this for real?*

"what are you waiting for? You know I have a lot of work at home could you please hurry?"

I just shut it and immediately went inside his car, I'm kinda nervous but looks like I don't have to be bothered, plus my brother told me just for this year only right? So I just look at the window and watch the view, he never speaks or tell any word while we are on the road, after a couple of hours we arrived at the parking lot of a condominium.

I went out and grab some stuff, walked through the elevator and we went at the 14th floor the highest level of the condo.

It surprised me because it was wide and tidy but he was the only one here? With this big condo? What a weird guy

"Do you see the left side door? That was your room and at the right was mine. I have 3 rules here at my house, first, don't enter my room, second, your stay here was not for free you can do the chores since we're only two here, and lastly, do the first rule. Do you understand?" I just nodded after the discussion he went straight to his room.

But until now it was still amazing that I'm leaving herein an elegant but simple condo. I went straight to my room and as I can see I have a beautiful view.

"What a wonderful universe"

I hop to my bed and I see a ceiling window, I can't hold myself so I went to sleep.










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