A Distant Star Book

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A Distant Star


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A girl who has no choice but to follow her parent decision since the very beginning, desperately holding on despite the thorny words and rough path that no matter what she does would never be enough to please them. A boy who's father Remarried another women who only wants his Fame just after a few years of her biological mothers death and forced to accept the fact that he's all alone from now on. She just wanted to feel her parents warmth. He just wanted to back through time. But what if one Accident transport them to a Dream where they got what theyre hearts always wanted. And in that dream they can either choose one between the two, "Stay or Go". But a there comes a price to pay for nothing in the world is free, Now what do you think it'll be?. And in that duration would be able to bloom between the the depressed girl and the lonely boy. Well, let's see.

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