1 Love at first site

I knew it was foolish but after me and my parents had landed on Earth from Platinum, I had developed the affection for a human.She was our neighbour.She had the beautiful emerald eyes that gave a hypnotic gaze. Her smile was like a Beam of joy shinning on everyone.Lastly, she had rosy red cheeks paired with her red hair and ginger freckles. She was the only thing that made my stay on Earth pleasant. I knew it was love at first site.

Shortly after, we had both started going to the same school. I got to see her everyday and one day, I plucked up the courage to go ask her to walk with me to school. To my surprise, she said yes. We walked together with nerves looks on our faces with both of us having little up cheeks with a soft red. I had thought to myself I can't like a human. I'm an alien. It's simply impossible but, I could stop thinking about Her heart warming smile. I asked her name to spark a conversation. She answered "I'm Sc Sc Scarlett. What's yours?" I replied saying "Ash." I could sense Scarlett soft nature in the way she talked.We quickly passed to school to find a boring day.