2 Operation: Lift Off

Without a seconds delay, everyone was suited up and took their positions inside the spacecraft. All the supplies and controls were looked over again and once everything was cleared they began the countdown.

"I think I'm finally beginning to get nervous," Mary said breaking a sweat.

"Don't be, everything was looked over so nothing can go wrong," Jack said trying to comfort everyone.

"And Mary, your positive you know how to control this right?" Xanthia questioned.

"Yes, I went through about a year's worth of training for this. I am one hundred percent sure I can fly this. Besides once we get up in space it'll pretty much be on autopilot." Mary reassured.

"Alright, guys lets begin the countdown. Lift of in 10.....9.....8...7...6...5.....4...3....2.....1...0." The commander counted.

The spacecraft began to shake as it was ascending into the sky. The pressure that was caused by the rocket ascending pulled all members of Team Alpha towards the floor of the ship. As soon as the craft was no longer on earth everything began to lift off of the ground. Mary proceeded to put the ship into autopilot mode and met up with the others in the lounge.

"Okay guys I just finished setting up autopilot so now we can just relax," Mary said.

"I already miss earth." Xanthia began.

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"So do I."Anna agreed.

"Don't worry guys, if you think about it there wasn't any point to us being there. I mean it's not like we had families. We were always stuck in that facility." Mary said.

"That may be true but I did have friends and people I cared about," Xanthia added.

"All of those friends were trained to be in our place if need be, and all of them wanted to go to space. We should be grateful that we were picked for this." Jack jumped in.

"But they didn't go through all of the things that we had to go through, if they did I am sure that they wouldn't want this." Anna cried.

"Anna's right, we never got to catch a break. We couldn't play or do anything fun." Xanthia said.

"Look, it's not like we had a choice. We were in there for this very purpose without this we would be nothing. So instead of being babies why don't you act the way you supposed to and don't forget that your the ones who agreed to do this." Mary said.

"They do have a point. It was either this or being thrown out with nowhere to go, clearly this was the only thing we could do." Jack said.

"Well, it's too late now. We are stuck here and we are all each other has. As long as we stick to our training we will be fine." Mary claimed.

"Okay, your right," Anna said calming down..

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