1 Operation: Find life

"Alright team Alpha, are you ready to suit up?" Said the commander.

"Yes sir, all of the preparations are complete and all of us are ready to go." Replied a member of Team Alpha.

"Now then: Anna, Jack, Mary, and Xanthia; I hope you all succeed in your mission and make it back home to us safely. You were chosen for this because you are reliable and I trust that you four can do your job properly. I know that you may be angry at me for sending you off at such a young age but this was the only option. This should take approximately four to six years so you shouldn't have to worry about not having a life when you return. Your food supply will only last six years so even if you don't find a new planet make sure to come back and give a full in detail report. In any case, I do not doubt in my mind that you will all be fine but still best of luck to all of you." The commander went on.

"Thank you, sir, we will make sure to come back full of information about the universe." Said Jack proudly.

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"We will try our best not to let you down." Agreed Mary.

Anna and Xanthia, however, were full of doubt and worry. Although its to be expected, the two of them were the youngest. The main reason everyone was chosen was due to their age as well as their intelligence and ability to gather information. The oldest was Mary who was eighteen, then was Jack who was sixteen, next is Anna who was fourteen, and last but not least was Xanthia who was only ten years old..

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