3 Operation: Asteroid

The trip had gone on for about a week now and no sight of anything that would promote a planet with life. Team Alpha was getting exhausted by now the thought of being bored and drifting through space for years had come and gone through their minds several times. The only thing that they hadn't prepared for was having nothing to do, everyone figured they would easily spot land and go investigate but so far no such thing.

"Guys, I'm bored." Xanthia sighed.

"All of us are bored it's not just you. We really should have planned this better." Mary agreed.

"Let's play a game then," Jack suggested.

"What game?" Anna asked.

''How about I spy?" Xanthia said.

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"Alright sure. I spy with my little eye something round." Jack said.

"Um.. the planets?" Anna said.

"Yes! Good job." Jack said sarcastically.

"Well, of course, it would be easy," Mary said.

"Whatever. It's not there is anything else out there." Jack says looking outside.

"Okay then let us play a different game," Xanthia said.

"What else can we do?" Mary asked.

"Well, I brought cards," Xanthia said.

"Why didn't you say so before!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Why didn't you guys ask? If you had I would have told you." Xanthia said.

"Uh. You have a good point." Mary said.

"Okay let's play," Anna said.

Xanthia began to deal the card but all of a sudden the lights began to flash red and a voice came on saying "Red alert, Red alert, several asteroids are heading straight for the ship."

Everyone jumped up and began to panic. Mary rushed to pilot the ship away from the asteroids. Jack stayed behind to calm down Anna and Xanthia who was crying. Dodging all of the asteroids was a very difficult task and to much avail, it was almost too much for Mary to handle. When it looked like it was all finally over one of the asteroids hit the ship and sent it flying. It flew out of control and once it finally stopped spinning. Xanthia, Anna, and Jack gathered in the piolets chamber with Mary.

"It seems we are in the clear guys." Mary sighed.

Then a frightened expression crept onto Jacks' face as he pointed out the window and yelled,

"Hey, guys! we got a problem.. We're heading straight for a black hole!"

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