3 A Name To Remember

"My name, it's Miyako Kawa."

"Asahi Harada, pleased to make your acquaintance." He smiled.

"Acquaintance?" She asked.

"No? I guess friend then." Miyako stiffened after hearing the word.

"I'll remember it." Asahi's face suddenly calmed again, but he let out a sigh of relief.

Asahi smiled from ear to ear happily, contradictory to his thoughts. Miyako nervously responded with the same.

Asahi calmed himself again and asked, "so what are we going to do?" Miyako stared blankly into space. "I don't have any clue with something like this, mmm..." scratching the side of her head, she bent backwards and stared at the ceiling.

'Why was that kind of cute?' His body felt hot and cold.

Miyako spoke blankly, "I thought you would have some experience with that so I was thinking of asking you instead, but you asked me first. You look like you do." Asahi tilted his head and scratched his chin. "I've only went out with my co-workers a couple times before, I'm not so sure either."

Miyako tilted her head, "didn't you go out with friends during school?" Asahi thought back to a time when he was in a school. "Did you finally get that sticker collection I told you to bring yesterday?" A brown haired girl in a Highschool uniform stood atop a short ladder. "Uh... here you go."

She smiled after seeing the young man dressed in a tight two-piece suit below her, "thanks..." she slowly climbed off the ladder and walked to a table in the room. "What do you need these stickers for?" He asked. "Just give them to me, their for a school project that I'm doing right now."

"If you say so..." the young girl placed a sticker of a panda onto a pamphlet and she quickly turned around. "Hey! Don't you like this pamphlet? Cute, isn't it!" The young man rubbed his chin whilst inspecting the pamphlet. "Why are you staring at it for so long?"

"Nothing, it looks decent." The young girl pouted and crossed her arms, "well you wouldn't understand true beauty anyway!"

"Never mind that, I think I know where we should go!" Miyako looked at Asahi's sudden enthusiasm strangely. 'Ahh!' He shrieked in his head, 'I shouldn't have done that...'

"We're going to be stuck with each other for a few days, but let's just try to have as much fun as we can, alright?" Asahi smiled and gave her his hand. "We should get together to make a list of things we want to do." Miyako remained silent, and shook his hand while quickly nodding repeatedly.

Meanwhile on the other side of the door. A few nurses had snuck out of the break room earlier to listen in on the conversation, but were confused as to why they both got along so well. It didn't start off well, but once the conversation started, it flowed smoothly.

"Didn't that girl with him inside there. Kinda... you know what the report said... hit him with her car?" A nurse said towards the others. "According to the incident report, she did." The nurses turned their ears toward the door again, "they're total strangers too right?" The nurses pulled away again. "Uh... I don't know!"

"We need to ask the hospital for permission to leave though, and I also need to make a visit." Miyako added. Asahi decided to be patient and wait for that to finish. But he had accidentally twitched a little in surprise when he heard what she said. "Do you want to tag along, I don't really mind." Asahi was overjoyed at her words and showed her a sparkling smile. "Are you sure?"

"Let's meet at the station near here in two hours." She pointed out the window, towards a large building in the distance.

An extremely short relationship was all they had. But it was all they needed, at least that's all they thought they needed in the beginning.

The two suddenly hear a yell from outside the door. "Break time is over, go get to work." They hear several footsteps scurrying away from behind. They sat in front of each other whilst staring at the closed door.

Izumi entered after chasing the nurses away, "you have permission to leave, but we need both of you to be back in a week." The pair realised what was happening. Asahi and Miyako's heads started to panic, 'did they hear everything we said?!'

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