45 Slaughter house

Tony had Jarvis send out an EMP wave to neutralize the cameras. It would have been easier if I went to the roof made an opening killed the guards, went to the basement, and made another opening into the Hydra lab and turned everything underground into ice, but I had them with me.

"Tony can you scan for an entry point?" Steve asked. Tony had already done that right after sending the EMP wave.

"There's one on the inside, but there are about 40 guards on each floor in there. The entry point is on the first floor behind the stairs." Tony said as he brought up a holographic model of the Kremlin.

"Me, Natasha and Eren will take out guards on the way. While You get us into the door. Clint will be watching your back. Thor and Bruce...just sit tight." Steve gave us the plan of entry.

This was more of a stealth mission and the whole time I was honestly wondering why they would send Thor and Bruce in anyway. This was something we could have done without them, but then again most things don't go perfectly.

We were at the back of the Kremlin in the garden area and they had a window there. There was also four guards that were stationed at the back. I went invisible and calmly walked towards the guards.

They had already known I left when my presence disappeared, but it's good they didn't make a panic about it. I simultaneously froze the heads of the guards before they could even utter a sound.

Their bodies just dropped to the ground while their heads were balls of ice. I crawled up the wall while making myself visible again as I slightly opened the window.

They got over to the window quickly and followed after me as I crawled through the window. Tony on the other hand was already within hacking range since the lab was right under us.

But we had to keep moving and we needed to shut this lab down for good. We're at the top of the stairs on a path that lets us walk around to the second floor or let's us look around at some painting.

Hawkeye got perched on a tall poll like structure to cover Tony. Me, Steve and Natasha were fanning out to quietly takedown the guards. I couldn't actually kill these guards because they were normal Russian guards.

The ones I could kill were Hydra guards, but they're all underground. I went down a hallway and just chopped the necks of all the guards there, knocking them out instantly.

'I don't want to say this out loud, but the lack of bloodshed is dissatisfying.' I thought as I appeared back with Tony. I saw Steve was just punching them I. The jaw to snake their brain and Natasha lightly tased some in the temple.

Hawkeye was shooting arrows that had something on the top to put them to sleep. I didn't really care how they were doing it as long as It was getting done.

"You almost done?" I asked Stark as the door under the stairs opened quietly. It was a hidden door that was covered in a marble like texture, but was actually a scanner.

Stark just disabled the scanner since if he did another EMP wave the info on the computers could get mixed up or glitches could be made.

I signaled them that we were in and they all quietly got over to our position. We dropped down in a room that looked like an armory or storage.

'Matrix scan the area and get me any information from the databases of anything electronic.' I thought.

The main purpose was to get any information about them that this lab had. I only had drones in the east side of Russia and those drones were disposable and only used to mess with them.

[The information has been loaded into the main database.]

I nodded slightly and listened to what To y said about his area scan.

"This place is actually huge. Right outside the door is two guards and there is two more on every corner. All of the data rooms are closed off with thick steel doors and a scan lock. In this lab section alone there are more than 120 guards." He said sounding somewhat serious and impressed at the same time.

"I can make a path till we get to a more spacious place to fight or I can do it myself." I said as I looked at them with a boring expression. I was however intrigued on what they wanted to protect so much.

"If you can open a path we can fight." Steve said although he was looking conflicted on letting me go out alone right now.

Nodding I stepped forward as the door slid open and immediately those two guards moved. I was faster though as I peaked out the door and shot a web from my right hand to the guy on my left and a web from my left hand to the guy on the right.

I yanked them towards each other and some of the armor they wore broke off. Before they could yell I wrapped them up in webs and hung them from the ceiling.

It was loud and caused a commotion so guard started rushing towards us, but so was I. I looked to the right and decided to go that way after freezing that door with Ice.

"Stay in that room. A lot of guards are coming from the left." I said as calmly.

Before they could speak I came across about ten guards who had guns and all aimed right at me. They immediately started shooting, but I just let the bullets hit me. They didn't even leave anything on me, but a itchy feeling and it was annoying.

This was actually the main reason I made the suit, but I don't want to use it right now.

I was right in the face of the guy in front, but instead of a punch I hit right into his stomach making his eyes widen. My hands went right through his skin and I grabbed onto his intestines and yanked them out like cords.

Seeing this made them all look at me in pure terror and they started dropping their guns. That didn't mean they would live or get an easier death.

Even though I'd like to say I got over what Hydra did to me. I still had a massive grudge against them. I looked at the guy to his left and I turned around to get momentum and I kicked him in the template with the hill of my shoes.

His head tore off his neck and some of his neck bone was showing as well. His body fell one I moved to the guy behind him.

I looked at how helpless and horrified they looked and I sighed.

'Here I thought I was improving.' I thought as I kicked his head off. I froze the intestines I forgot were in my hand as I made it a sharp icicle and stuck it thought he head of the guy next to him.

Seven more.

One of them decided it would be better to just end it with a grenade. I let him pull the pin and drop the grenade right in the middle of them. I had already killed three of them within a second and if he's making it easier so be it.

I didn't really like or dislike all the blood, but I used it as a constant reminder of what I'm capable of doing when I'm not even using a fraction of the power I hold.

The explosion went off drawing more attention to my position. It exploded, but I wasn't effected at all. I barley had any type of burn marks, but those were healed even though they were basically nothing.

It was like dirt on my body that got wiped off with a drop of water. More guards appeared on my left and right. I let turned the floor into ice and they immediately started shooting.

I just sat there amidst the hail of bullets till they started reloading. Then with a tap of my foot to the ground, spikes rose from the ice and impaled them .

Their bodies had multiple spikes in them and the blood was everywhere. It was just like before with blood on the roof and walls. There was chunks of meat and some pieces of organs that were thrown everywhere because of the explosion.

The hallway was like hell itself and was just red with bodies, blood, and half skeletal bodies everywhere.

"There's always a bloodbath with this guy." Tony said as he and everyone minus Bruce and Thor walked into the hallway.

I'm bulletproof, but my clothes aren't so I had to make everything, but my head invisible, because I'm completely naked. I'm also covered in blood, but I made that invisible as well so they don't see me.

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