1 This is just a challenge & not a story

What if a DMC obsessed geek gets the [stinger] vial instead of William Manton? Then instead of [stinger] to express itself as a projection of a recently dead daughter, it follows A DMC5 theme

[Stinger] arm projections (devil bringer)

[Stinger] weapon projections (Yamato sword because it fits the "cut through anything that is [stinger]'s power)

A breaker state made by turning himself to a [stinger] projection (devil trigger aka DT)

PS(The Protagonist)

He should be an OC (self insert or regular doesn't matter)

You can make it a CYOA or gamer if you want (if it is a self insert)

The MC can be from lawful good to chaotic good

No joining S9 (though he can be a villian

Independent MC will be appreciated


Overall powers are primarily based on DMC5 Nero with some abilities from other characters

Powers should follow DMC 5 theme in appearance

The main projections are;

bringer claws from DMC5 {black}

a katana projection based on Yamato appearance (watch dmc5 Nero's dt moveset) {white}

a breaker state loosely based on Nero's dmc5 dt {white and black of any pattern}

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The MC should be able to heal himself in his DT

You can give the MC minor brute and mover powers (agility, durability & maybe, speed) that DMC characters have if you want

The breaker state should have side effects of stress and fatigue if maintained

Minor case 53 in form of devil bringer arms (DMC5 or DMC4 version) is allowed