A Desolate Life Book

novel - Fantasy

A Desolate Life


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Yaan has never before left his birthplace, Lightstone Village. Like many others, he is intrigued by the Heavenly Path Sect, the mysterious immortal sect that rules over the lands. However, during the Heavenly Path Sect's forceful entrance test in his village, Yaan realizes that the so called immortals are far from benevolent beings. With his peaceful life shattered, Yaan is dragged to the Heavenly Path Sect against his will. How will Yaan adapt to this strange new world? "Why do people strive so desperately to survive, only to invite further suffering into their lives? What is the meaning behind such a desolate life?" Yaan does not know the answers to these questions, but he desires to find the truth. This is the story of Yaan's life.


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