1 A demon’s blood

Once upon a time there was a demon named Lucas and he was next in line for being king only he didn't want to be king.

Scene 1

(At the kings castle)


King lucifer (lucas's father): YOU WILL BE KING EVEN IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!!

Lucas: Father enough I want to be king but I don't want to treat the people badly like you


Lucas: ( stomps to room and slams door )

Lucas:( Whispers to his dog rufus) I know what I will do… I will create a poison to get rid of my father

Lucas: for the poison I need the most powerful type of demon's blood… (reads poison book)… an Emperor demon!!

Scene 2

( Lucas jumps out window and a guard sees him so Lucas runs into the forest)

Lucas: I can't let the guard catch me

( lucas loses guard and bumps into someone in the forest)

Lucas: w..who are you

Anne: The names Anne now go away

Lucas:Im Lucas and why should I leave

Anne: you don't belong here now go

Lucas: And what if I don't want to leave

Anne: I will make you

Lucas: fight me shorty

Anne: We shouldn't fight because I know I would win

Lucas:It's obvious I would win plus your a girl

Anne: I may be a girl but one you don't know what I am and Two YOU are running from the kings guards also you are the kings son

Lucas: n- no i'm not

Anne: Really? So your name isn't Lucas Alexander Luth and your dogs name is not Rufus

( Lucas thinks of a fake name)

Lucas: Im sorry I lied my real name is Stacey

Anne: I'm not stupid I know your real name is not Stacey

Lucas:No i'm not the kings son and no my name is not Lucas

Anne: Then why did you introduce your self as Lucas and why were you running from the guards

Lucas:B-because and at least i'm not a hillbilly, coward like you

Anne:(starcastic)ouch.. That hurt sooo bad, (roasted)but really you should stop talking to your self because i'm not a mirror

Lucas: If you were a mirror you would shatter your self because of your looks

Anne: ugh.. I don't have time for this( Anne walks away and Lucas follows)

Lucas: Where are you going you burn biscuit

Anne: shut up you baked bean

Lucas: thank you burnt biscuit

Anne: Fine just come on the guard is coming

Lucas: your going to turn me in !! I know it!!

Anne: i'm not turning you in

Lucas: I don't trust you

Anne: if I turn you in they will kill me because of what I am

Lucas: What are you?

Anne: you have to promise not to tell anyone


Anne: ....I-Im an Emperor demon


Anne: yeah

Lucas: But i need 4 pints of emperor demon blood for my poison

Anne: your not taking MY blood

Lucas: FINE but do you know any other demons i could use

Anne: you do realize 4 pints is enough blood loss to kill an emperor demon we only have 7pints of blood total

Lucas: what if i took one pint from 4 different demons

Anne: I'm the last emperor demon my parents are gone

Lucas:Im so sorry i didnt know

Anne: its okay you didn't kill them your dad did

Lucas: I will be back but i have to go meet me here at 4:00pm tonight

Anne: Okay

(Lucas heads towards the castle)


Scene 3


King Lucifer:So I see you have met Anne my newest target also the last emperor demon you know you could use her blood to poison me because that would save me the time of killing her

Lucas: How did you find out about the poison

King Lucifer: You took my book i figured out the rest on my own

Lucas: what ever i'm not letting you hurt Anne

King Lucifer:you don't know what she is capable of her parents taught her to kill shes a monster

Lucas: she kills to survive


(Lucas is in shock)

Lucas: s-she what

King Lucifer: i'm telling the truth

(Lucas walks to the woods)

Scene 4

Lucas: ANNE…..ANNE!!!! Come here NOW!!

Anne: your just like him you know

Lucas: who

Anne: your father your mad like him

Lucas: you killed my mother of course i'm mad

Anne: I didn't mean to kill her it's not my fault she jumped in front of me and got shot

Lucas:you didn't kill her?

Anne: No your dad tried to shoot me and she jumped in front of me

Lucas: I'm sorry I didn't know

Anne: It's okay just don't talk about it

Lucas: okay but we have to get rid of my dad he wants me to be king but to be a killer like him

Anne: I know a poison that only needs 1 pint of blood

Lucas: okay lets get to work

Scene 5

(next day Lucas is at the castle)

Lucas: Father here is your morning tea

King Lucifer: Thank you Lucas you will be a great king

(King Lucifer chokes)

King Lucifer: what did you do

Lucas: Poison Anne helped

King lucifer: so the witch helped you

Lucas: Anne is not a witch

King Lucifer: She has a secret

Lucas: what secret!?

King Lucifer: She is (King Lucifer passes out and the guards take him away)

Announcer: the King has become ill but fear not he is alive and is saying it is time for his son to be king

` Scene 6

Lucas: Anne i'm going to be king

Anne I thought you don't want to be king

Lucas: I want to be king but I want to do it my way not my fathers way

Anne: Oh Well congrats but I have a secret to tell you

Lucas: what

Anne I found out i-i'm your sister

Lucas: Thats awesome now lets go to the castle

Anne: Okay can I get my stuff first

Lucas:Yes now hurry

(Lucas lived happily as king and helped the poor, Lucifer was put in the dungeon and anne became the princess and finally had someone to call family)


List of characters (should be the same number of people in your group and include a description):

Lucas :Lucifer's son, a acid demon, only child, can control minds, bad boy

King Lucifer: forceful,devil, second strongest, stronger than Lucas,second strongest mind controller

Anne: Emperor demon, strongest alive, rare, strongest mind controller, dark magic, bad girl

Brief plot summary (Should be at least 5 sentences long and should include a problem and a solution): A demon named Lucas also son of the king fights with his father about being king. While lucas decides to poison his father, Lucas's father makes arrangements for lucas to be king in 2 weeks giving lucas little time. But Lucas soon becomes friends with a girl only to realize her blood is part of the poison. When lucas is torn apart because if he poisons his father his best friend dies. Then on the 1st week the father tells lucas that his role as king will start in 1 more week.