A Deal With A Mafia Boss [Tagalog] Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

A Deal With A Mafia Boss [Tagalog]


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Mira Everleigh Valmera excels in everything she does, there's only one thing she couldn't do and it was to disobey her parents. Which made it easier for her to become the perfect daughter they want her to be. However, all her beauty, intelligence, and talent were useless when her parents sent her to an abusive man just to keep their comfortable life. Will her family's betrayal be enough for her to completely go against them? Desperate to escape, she stumbled upon Kaius, having a deal with him was just a way to survive and escape the life she despises. But agreeing to marry a Mafia boss and giving him an heir have consequences she wasn't ready for. Both are blinded by pain, fury, and are carrying burdens they do not speak about. Will there be room for love to bloom? With Kaius by her side and rage in her heart, will it be the cause of the enemies' downfall or hers?


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