1 The Promise

Kazuto wakes up in his room. It's the first day of 11th grade. He yawns and puts on his contacts. He looks outside his window. There is a drizzle that is coming down. Kazuto's mom walks into his room. "Good morning!" She says with a smile. "How did you sleep?" She asks. "I slept really well. I'm ready for my first day of school." Says Kazuto. "That's wonderful! Breakfast is downstairs." She says.

Kazuto steps into the shower and turns on the water. The water takes a while to come out. It appears that blood is coming out of the shower head. Kazuto jumps in response and nearly slips, as he grabs the armrest inside the shower. His eyes refocus and water is coming out completely fine. Kazuto leaves the shower and puts on his clothes.

Kazuto walks downstairs to find miso soup and a bowl of rice. "Itadakimasu" he says as he swallows a mouthful of soup. He finishes his breakfast and walks toward the door. "I'm off!" He says to his mother. He walks outside. He pulls out his phone and updates his social media feed. He poses to take a selfie. The caption says: "first day of second year!" With a smiling emoji. Kazuto reaches the train station and sits down. The train goes to his school.

Kazuto leaves the train and walks towards the building. Out of nowhere, two of his friends appear and run towards him. One of them hit the back of his head. "So you didn't see us huh Kazuto?" Says Naoki. "Yeah, we are your best friends, we were looking all over for you!" Says Yukki. "I was just a bit tired today that's all." Kazuto responds. "I can't believe it. 2 more years of High School and we're going to college. It was just like yesterday I was applying for a high school." Says Yukki. The trio walk into the school and enter their classroom. Kazuto sits down and opens his book bag.

As he looks up, a girl walks inside the classroom. The girl is his crush. She is the same age of 16, is slim, and has dark hair. Her eyes are pale and her lips are full. As Kazuto notices her, the world stops around him. Everything goes in slow motion. His heart rate speeds up. He starts to tap the floor with his shoe. "Kazuto, Kazuto, Kazuto!" Says his teacher. "Sorry, Sensei, I am present!" He says as he regains control. Hana is the girls name.

Kazuto has liked her for as long as he can remember but she always ignores him. Today was different. Today was unusual. Today would change him forever. Hana walks toward him and sits down. She turns to him. "Hey Kazuto. Are you ready for this year?" She says. Kazuto starts stuttering and blushing. "Y-yes I'm ready." He says. "That's nice. I want to get to know you better." She says. "I want to know the real you." She continues. Yukki and Naoki look at Kazuto in disbelief and jealousy as one of the most attractive girls in their grade is talking to him.

After class, they walk towards him with an angry look. "You totally had a boner." Said Naoki. "You couldn't handle it could you? I don't blame you. She's so hot." Says Yukki. "You better hurry up and claim her, before some third year gets to her." Says Naoki. "You have the opportunity, now take it. Might as well burn all of your doujin." Says Yukki. "Shhh! You don't say that out loud, especially at school!" Says Kazuto. "We know you're a lolicon. There's no hiding it." Says Naoki. "At least I don't like femboys." Says Kazuto. Naoki blushes and the friends have a good laugh. The next class period rolls around and finishes.

It's lunch time. Kazuto eats his food as he notices something strange that Hana is eating. Kazuto looks at her bento from across the classroom to see eyeballs and entrails. Hana picks up an eyeball and bites it. Kazuto gets up and runs to the bathroom in disgust. He throws up in the sink. "Was she eating a person?" He asks himself. "No, that's not right. Maybe I was seeing things." He says. He walks back to the classroom and sits down. He finishes his bento. Class resumes.

At the end of the day and Kazuto is about to walk home. Hana walks toward him. "Hey Kazuto. Are you ok? You ran out of the classroom today." She says. "I was fine. Just a stomach ache. Nothing serious." Says Kazuto. "Want to come over to my house?" Asks Hana. Kazuto is shocked beyond anything he has ever imagined. One of the most attractive girls in his school is inviting him over to her house? It's a dream come true for him."

"Um. Yeah sure. I'll come." He says. "Nice! Let's go!" She says. The pair walk together as they approach her home. Hana lives in an upper class neighborhood. She even has a butler. The two walk into her house. Her mother sees them. "Oh, is this your boyfriend?" She asks. "No, mom, just a friend." Says Hana in an annoyed tone. "Hello." Says Kazuto. "How are you doing?" Says her mom. "You must be Kazuto. My daughter can't stop talking about you." Her mom says.

"Mom!" Yells Hana. "Ok ok I'm sorry. Go upstairs. I'll make dinner in a moment." She says. Hana grabs Kazuto's hand and walks inside her room. Her room looks like an ordinary girls room, but she has a bookshelf filled with manga, and she has a gaming console, two things that are a rare encounter in a girl's room. "How did you get this volume?" Asks Kazuto. "My uncle is an assistant for that manga. He was able to sneak me a copy." She says. "That's amazing!" Says Kazuto.

Kazuto walks to her bed and sits down. Hana closes the door behind them. She dims the lights and looks at Him. "I'm in love with you." She says. Kazuto stares back at her in disbelief. "You're joking aren't you?" Says Kazuto. "I'm not." She replies. Hana walks towards him and and grabs his face, bringing it closer to hers. "I'll be your girlfriend. But promise me one thing. You will never leave me. You will never betray me. You will never lie to me. I am yours, and you are mine. Tell me everything about yourself. Your favorite food, your favorite hobbies, your theories on how the universe might end, your deepest, darkest secrets, tell me things you have never told another soul. Rely on me for life. You will not leave me. Promise me that." She says. "I promise." Says Kazuto.

Hana kisses him on the forehead. "You will never leave me. You are now apart of me." She says. "Those organs you saw me eating today at lunch, they were real. The blood that came out of your shower head was real. Don't mess with me. Don't even make me think you're cheating. Or I'll slice you up." She says. "Anyways, here's my number and socials!" She says. Kazuto walks home and starts to think. He stops in the side of the road and throws up. He realizes the true nature of Hana. He is beside a forest and looks into the trees to see a group of people wearing hoods as dark clothing 100 meters away. He runs home and barges into his room. He wants to scream, but cannot, he wants to say something, but can't vocalize it. He wants to escape, but the door is locked, and the key does not exist.