1 Expectations

They weigh you down...

Expectations... Everybody has 'em. Whether they have expectations for someone else or someone has expectations for them.

It can even be someone as old as 100. But the ones who have it the hardest are kids. Namely teens, I know this because I'm one myself. When I was a toddler it was easy however as I grew older even by the second, it got harder. I never had a break cause I was constantly working and working even at the age of 7. One of my family members expectations was me becoming a veterinarian. My parents wanted me to fulfill that so I tried, I mean who wouldnt want to make their parents happy. That was the only way they would ever pay attention to me so I had to do it. Or that's what I thought, I was a kid then and my parents also kept me away from things like TV, phones, and tablets. So I never thought of the concept of running away when it got to hard. I just lived with it. I thought of it from a different perspective and realized that my siblings might've had it just as hard. However if I knew that all my hard work would be in vain I would've never done any of that.

All my siblings passed college and became doctors, CEO's, and many other good paying jobs. One even managed to marry the princess of England(?). I was the youngest so I was the only one still in college. Everything was going good, I had all the highest scores in all my classes. However when it came time to graduate and get a job that's where everything went downhill.

No matter where I went I was never good enough, I was good with the grades and everything related to that but when it came to what they were looking for in a person I had none of that. I was kind of a bland person, they said. I was the type of person who would cause trouble they said. My parents were getting furious, not at those people but me. They said how disappointed they were in me and how I should just give up, and practically ignored me after that. But I never cared for what they said, I didnt give up, I kept going with only one thought in my head... 'Its ok, my my older brothers must've gone through this as well'.

With that I kept trying to find a job but nowhere excepted me. One day when I went home I saw a girl hanging around all my brothers. She was fairly pretty and looked like she was a shy person. Like one of those main characters from a manhwa or something. I never really paid any attention to her and we only had a couple of interactions, until one day while coming back from an interview I noticed her walking across the street. I saw a car coming her way and it didnt look like it was stopping any time soon. 'Oh, shes gonna die'. I would go and push her out the way and all, as long as I knew I would live as well, like hell i was going to save someone while risking my life. I was only 22 while she was like 29.

I said that however I started to move towards her, it felt like my body was moving on it's own. And thus I pushed her out of the way while dying in the process. She was looking at me sorta injured with a couple of scraps here and there while crying my name. That's when everything went black.

When I opened my eyes I was floating around somewhere. And after what felt like days and days of floating around I saw double doors. I went up to the doors and opened them resulting in a bright light engulfing the darkness i was in. I looked around and saw a lavish looking room except better, way way better. Instead of gold there was a blue like material, it looked like diamond but lighter and softer. Down the room I could see a humongous throne with a huge statue looking human. Its eyes then moved towards me, and was about to say something but I interrupted him. "Dont go on saying all that crap about being a god." If there was one thing I was really good at it was observing. I've read stories upon stories, whether they were fan'fiction, novels, or even real books about history, to know that this guy wasnt a god. Gods didnt show off or to be more exact they couldnt. They were being restricted by something, they must've been created by something for there to be so many of them. I've come to the conclusion that there must be a being above them but who created him or whether he was created out of a molecule or something was beyond me. The Being then said "Smart now are we? Fine you are correct, I am not a god. I am something that you guys have yet to name" "But you've gotta have a name of your own right? Wait actually never mind, were getting side tracked. Why am I here" I asked "Because you are what your people call special-"

I interrupted "Yeah right, try again"

The being didnt say anything for awile and just smiled evilly and said "Your very smart. Very well, your here because I found the fate that one of the lower gods gave you quite interesting." "Fate?" I asked somewhat not wanting to know the answer to that.

"Yes you see the god of your world made it to where you would die no matter what. What's so interesting is that you were supposed to turn out to like that girl and voluntarily jump in to save her. He said something about creating his own little story?" He said "So your telling me that he's the one who moved my body and caused me to die?" "Yes" he answered.

I didnt even know how to feel. Pissed cause I lost my life for some girl I barely even knew? Happy cause I don't have to go looking anywhere for a job anymore? No, you see I'm not stupid. I knew there was something more to what was going on. And like he read my thought the Being then said "Man your really interesting! Your the first human to ever visit me and your already more entertaining than those old farts (hes talking about the gods).

"Aren't you just as old as them if not even older?" I said "Yeah but I look so much younger" he answered

"Ok! Back to the point!" I yelled

"Right right, anyways your here because I want to give you a second chance" he said

"Like those other gods?" I asked slightly confused

"No you see I'm different-" I cut him off saying 'I know that' and he continued "Those gods live up above and are known to be good people. And I'm not saying they aren't, However I'm different not only because I am their creator but also because I live down below" When he said that it all then made sense. The gods never thought they had a creator. They thought they were the top of the top, they didnt know this Being existed. And from what I've seen from the Being so far it seems that hes always bored so he probably took the disguise of the demon lord to entertain himslef a bit. The gods of course just thought it was a god gone evil. But if all of this is true then I cant exactly say that this Being is a nice person, he might try to screw me over.

And once again like he was reading my mind which he probably was he said "I was right to choose you. You are right, I'm not exactly what you would call nice. However I don't think you'll care" While smiling I answered "As long as you dont screw me over while giving me my second chance I'm fine with it"

The Being then got serious and said "I will give you your second chance because of your unluckiness in your last life and I will gift you one skill" "I want steal" I said already knowing before hand what I wanted. It was a good power to have, you could literally steal anything. In exception of someone else's power. Power is rooted into peope and would be impossible to just simply 'take' it.

The Being then nodded and said "Oh, there will be another reincarnater there with you. He was reincarnated by a god. I'll reincarnate you as someone from a branch family or something so your not suspicious and you dont seem like a character that doesnt exist. My advice is to 'stumble' upon him become aquintances with him and once again 'stumble' upon him when hes with the MC or something. Theres no doubt he'll become friends with the MC."

When he finished my blood was pumping. I was excited, there was so much I could do, so much possibilities because some other god decided to reincarnate someone at the same time i happened to meet the Being. While i was thinking to myself the Being then said "One last thing, if you want to do what you've always wanted to do and become an inventor I wont stop you" I looked at him and said Really? Wouldnt that ruin the plot?"

The Being looked at me then laughed "HAHAHA! I think you forgot that I'm the type of person who doesnt really care." "So your more 'lazy'?" I said

He continued "Yes I suppose that would be a fitting word to represent me. And a fitting word to represent you would be... Hmmmm... AHA! Your a hero but your power is something an evil person would have... Sooooo 'Dark Hero'?" I looked at him like he was crazy. "Anyway make sure you spread my name around will you?". He said with a big smile. 'How am I supposed to spread your name if I dont even know it?' I thought to myself.

With that everything went black again however this time when I opened my eyes I could see light. A ceiling was above me and then I felt like I was being handed off to somebody. The person holding me looked at me then said "I'll name him Yami Hiro" then the hand that was touching my face slumped down and I could tell that she was dead. I felt somewhat bad but that was quickly replaced when I realized what she said 'Yami Hiro huh? Yami meaning dark and Hiro meaning hero. I'm guessing Hiro is my last name while Yami is my first name.' I thought to myself. Must've been the Beings doing.

That day was the start of my new journey.

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