A Dance of Two Worlds. Regaining a Lost Paradise Book

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A Dance of Two Worlds. Regaining a Lost Paradise


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Aden and Elisium are two identical worlds. From landscapes to climate, they are indistinguishable in every aspect. But perhaps the most astonishing fact about them is that every person in one world has a duplicate in the other. A perfect copy. As per the cosmic designs, only one of the two worlds develops during a loop (442 years) whereas the other remains stagnant. With the turn of every loop, the tide turns and the underdeveloped world starts to gain ascendancy. This whole process called Transition is triggered by a Transitioner, with the help of the Amulet of Transition. This story follows the journeys of three men, in three different timelines, that affect the fortunes of the two worlds. Solomon, who leaped into the Abyss and arrived in the other world to trigger the Transition. Andrews, who accidentally slipped into the whirlpool and opened the doors for Aden to annex Elisium. And Moses, who was thrown into the whirlpool, only to discover in the other world that he is the chosen one and is destined to bring about the next Transition. Although he has the powerful amulet that can control the elements at his disposal, odds are still heavily stacked against him. To achieve his goal, Moses not only has to fight the forces of Aden to liberate Elisium, but he also has to bring down the mighty empire of Aden. Does he succeed? And how does her cousin and birthday-twin Jennifer inherit his powers to become the Savior? What role does she play in this whole saga? (Note: This is one of the leading books on another platform which I have decided to publish here as well)


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