1 Chapter 1:

In a area that was completely black there were lines of uncountable amount of people in front of desk each desk having a person dressed in a butler's attire as one specific soul had finally reached the front of the line

hello young soul you have a karma of 200 you can choose two wishes of any kind as long as they don't violate these three laws one you can not wish for more wishes two you can not wish for infinite power and tree you can not wish to be absolutely invincible now is that under stood said the man behind the desk with a sinister smile

y-yes understood do I have a time limit of how long it takes me to wish

no take as much time as you'd like said the being still with a sinister smile plastered on his face

what about the limit of how many things I can ask for on one wish

well their is a limit depending on if I allow you to have one or not

ok so for my first wish I want to be reborn in the world of danmachi as a god 100 years before the first gods descend I want to have the appearance of a child with brown skin and crimson red eyes with black hair and I also want an adult form that I can transform into (same as the cover)

For my second wish I want the following abilities Pharaoh's Creation, Hollow Creation, Magic Tattoo Engrave, Reveal Status, Shadow Manipulation, Gravity Magic, Blood Bending, Bloodlust, God Weaving, Falna, Animate Drawing, God Level Drawing Technique, Ninjustu, Genjutsu, Master Level Hand To Hand Combat, Juinjutsu, Jujutsu, Fuinjutsu, Lion King's Majestic Aura, Create Item, Create Greater Item, Natural Mana Absorption, Natural Chakra Absorption, Natural Spiritual Energy Absorption, Rinnegan, Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Contracted Summoning, Enslavement, Sand Manipulation, an….

hold on that's enough see ya the man said as I was sent flying into a portal only to wake up in a forest in the dead of night with no clothing so I decided to us my create greater item to make a brown cloth (on the cover) and some bandages around my feet and hands

now I don't know we're I a, so I should make some hollow to search the area and maybe even give one of them a falna so it can grow stronger than it's peers although just like in bleach they can become arrancar

now to design them they well be shadowy black in color having a slender man like figure and will have a plain white mask with no mouth slot and two oval shaped eye slots and they will have sinisterly long nails and some of them having sharp shadowy spikes on their backs I'll give them a special ability to eat weapons and turn their hands into them so if they eat a sword the can transform their hands into the blade of the swords and can even change the length and width of it they'll also have Cero, Kumon, High Speed Regeneration and Negacion I don't know if kumon will work but I should at least try who knows

after watching a black fluid come out of my hand it started to move into 10 different spots and then it stayed still for about 10 seconds before they started to violently shake and started forming into giant shadowy humanoids except for one which keeper the height of a human and grew no long he gained dark colored skin and his eyes appeared to be black with the depth of the void and when he's body was completely done forming their was a 7'0ft tall man with what looked to be a type of luchador style mask made out of the materials of what a hollows mask would be similar to the one bane would wear but their was no strap over the top of the head and it just went straight to the back of his head from the left and right side of his head

land no this wasn't a mistake I actually meant for this to hap because why would I just give a falna to a hollow under the level of vasto lorde and it's even better to just make arrancar to lead them and he can be my first familia member as I would rarely except someone I don't know and having the ability to create hollows I could just have a familia filled with absolute loyal servants

w-who are you the young new born arrancar said to the mysterious being in front of him the first person who looks like him and as soon as he meet eyes with the being he felt a sense of strong emotion as to never let anyone hurt the one before him

I am your creator Tabu and from now on you shall be known as Hajimari the leader of the Burakkuoposu (Black Ops) and shall be called by the code name of King's Shadow

y-yes creator I well do as you command thank you for granting me the privilege of a name and the honor of serving you he said as he got on one knee with he's head down and one fist on the ground

for now you shall return to Hueco Mundo for 100 years and gather spiritual energy and train also gather all of the Gillian Adjuchas Vasto Lorde and any posable Arrancar and have them serve you and don't worry about any hollows going against you and trying to leave to this world without your command because I have full control of Hueco Mundo and as you know I have given you common abilities for those of your level and well as some special ones to you

and you must be thinking how could I have complete control over hueco Mundo well it's more of a perfect duplicate of the original were I can control everything

(Haji's Abilities here Cero, Soul-Body Separation, Descorrer, Ultra-Speed Regeneration, Liquefaction turns him into a human sized puddle of black inky like liquid that can move, Bala, Hierro, Pesquisa, Ressurreccion, Sonido, Gran Rey Cero, Cero Destruction Disc,