1 Chapter 1: A New Beginning

Asura country, Yun Clan Residence in Cloud peak town. It was the start a new year. Yun Bai opened up his eyes and was shocked at what he saw, he was pretty sure he died when he ran in front of a moving bus to save some young girl he noticed was in danger. as he was looking around he noticed three moons in the sky and realized he was no longer on earth, he also noticed he was a baby. as Yun Bai was getting over the fact he was not dead and had second chance at life even if he had to grow up again he was happy, as he was thinking about memories of his family and friends still on Earth that he will no longer be able to see he heard a voice. << Awakening Magic God system: On host command>> he nearly had a heart attack , he tried to ask who the voice belonged two but realized he couldn't speak as he was a baby, so he tried thinking about his questions. <<<Answering Host>>> I am the Magic God system, due to saving that girl with out a second of doubt, you died and because of your actions you have been rewarded a second chance at life. The Magic God gifted you this system as the girl you saved before you died was the Magic Gods daughter so as a thank you he gave you this system to help you out with your new life. This the Asura continent one of three continents on this planet. ahhh Yun Bai was surprised , it was shocking to realize Gods exist , Yun Bai was so shocked he passed out. <<<Host Has Passed out initiating Sleep mode. so with out any idea of what was going on , he slept soundly. and so two years passed, Yun Bai was now two years of age, he had come to terms with being reincarnated and knowing Gods existed. he was walking around the Yun clan Residence and was amazed that the world had magic, as a anime lover back on earth he always dreamed of being able to use magic. as a child of Yun clan he was given education on Magic, Mages, and the culture of the world by the Elders of the clan. Yun Bai had shown a lot of interest in magic and the world around him, his mother and father were happy and proud of their son. now that Yun Bai was two he was able to speak, and walk and even train, all the elders were amazed at how talented Yun Bai was. One particular day Yun bai was reading about magic when he heard the system. <<<awakening Magic God system: Powering on>>>> He was shocked at first because he had not heard from the system since he passed out all those years ago. since he was curios about the system and Just as he decided to ask it some more questions, he heard some screams.