1 A college romance

Geeta, a girl with dreams live in Kanpur city (India )with her parents and a little brother. She celebrates her 20s birthday today she is very beautiful even though she offen insecure about her brown complexion and overweight. But she tries her best to accept herself but the society always poke her insecurities over her beautiful charm.

"You are so beautiful." a handsome boy of Geeta's college come to her and said.

Nervously she said " please don't make fun of me....please..."

The boy said"No I actually kinda like you since 1st year...um but I was nervous to tell you I don't know how will you react buy3I really lobe you."

Geeta was so shocked that she ran away from there and go to the college's bathroom and cry there for a while.

Her Friend Zeel and kajal found her in bathroom crying they make her stop and asked "what happened? "

She told them everything happened.

It was first time any guy has proposed to her and she was not expecting this as she was very concentrated about her studies.

Now she was about to go to home from college as she reached out of class the boy against stand in front of her and said "I'm sorry if my words or anything hurts you....but please don't cry."

Geeta didn't say a single word and went straight to the parking to get her scooter.

That day was a mess for her she was crying all over the road while driving. All night she thought about the boy. She could not get over the boy.

The thoughts in her mind were does he really love her or not and if he does should she say yes to him or not?

She didn't talk about it to her parents as her parents were somehow stereotyped like most of Indian parents who don't allow their daughters to even talk to girls. But luckily she has some of male friends who are just not allowed to come at her home even in festivals because according to the society" if a girl have male friend definitely she is characterless and society's people will make fun of their family."

Next day she went to college and tries to ignore whatever happened yesterday.

The boy was standing next to the classroom door may be waiting for her.

But she enters and sat beside her friend Zeel. The boy tries to talk to her but she ignored him and then he left the classroom and went to his section.

The boy wait out side of the class everyday. Untill one day Geeta asked her for coffee.

They went on a coffee date. Finally the boy's

patience worked may be.

She firstly asked him with courtesy & tearsin her eyes" why would you like me....why me there are many beautiful girls?"

He said" Yaa...I know there are sp many girls...but I fell for you just you. I fell for you when you was in a Some dance group may be for annual function and I saw you struggling with dance moves then you decided to sing a welcome song and you rock it."

Her hand and leg was vibrating while listening to him.

He further said I was fell for you mesmerizing sweet voice your gorgeous personality.