A Christmas Miracle Book

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A Christmas Miracle


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What happens when you meet a stranger a day before Christmas and suddenly you get to know that person was your best friend or more than a best friend? What happens when that person has gone away from you again and you don't remember anything about them before that day but there is a scraping feeling inside your stomach that doesn't go away, since the day you have met them? Once upon a time, there was a girl and a boy. The girl and boy met on a snowy morning, a day before Christmas. The boy hated Christmas, the girl loved Christmas. The girl didn't knew she had met the guy before, the boy did, he remembered her. What happens when they fight that day, and the boy tells her that they have met before, what happens when she doesn't believe him and he goes away. What happens when Misha couldn't shake off the image of the brown curly haired boy, the black gold eyes that looked at her with such intensity, that she felt the ghost of him in every single moment, what happens when Misha opens her bag and can't help but look at the paintings she made, the paintings she didn't remember making, the boy had asked her a question, "What about Art?" She had never once remembered making any art in her life, she was a math student for god's sake. What happens when it gets too much, and on the morning of Christmas, Misha goes to the only person in the world she can trust, Gem, her grandmother. What happens when she tells her grandmother, the boy's name, 'Aakash,' and her grandmother looks at her in shock, and says that she have been dying for Misha to ask this question for years. What happens when her grandmother tells her, that for four years she have been taking Aakash's name in front of Misha but Misha forgot about it every next day. What happens when her grandmother tells her, "You were so little and so in love.." But Misha can't remember anything, why can't she remember anything about Aakash, why can't she relate to any of her grandmother's story. Amid, all this, Misha knows one thing, she has to find Aakash, she can feel it from the depth of her gut. What happens when one year passes and Misha looses all hope to find Aakash, but one midnight, a bell jangles and she sees the same messy brown curls she has been trying to find every corner, and what happens when those black gold eyes meet hers, and it passes over her like it would any strangers. What happens when this time Misha approaches Aakash, he is the one to ask, "Who are you?" And with a dreadful punch she realizes, Aakash Acharya has forgotten all about her, all about them, even the day they met last year, for him she is nothing but a new page of a book. How can they both forget about each other at different paces of time? Would Misha give up, or would she beyond all measure, fight for their story, the story they both don't even remember anymore? What if, this was all a miracle gifted to them by Universe. Beyond time and place, magic and reality, there is a story that started at the depths of snowy mountains, will the story end at the depths of the snowy mountains, would they find their lost parts, or would they dare to make new ones? ******** And then, she turned her head. He felt a punch to his gut, like a snow storm erupting inside of him. His breathing stopped when he looked at her, he was afraid that this moment would vanish, that he would blink and it would all be a dream. Her doe-like eyes which he knew so well, dreamed about so often, regarded him carefully, as if she was trying to understand something about him, her brows were hunched together and she was staring at him, just as he was staring at her. He held his breath and waited for something. She asked his name. The universe was playing a fucking cosmic joke on him, Misha Negi didn't remember him. ******* @All the copyright of the story belongs to me.


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