1 Prologue

Misaka laid down looking tired. She remembered her journey to come to this battle. Two days and a night had passed since the start of this nightmare and tomorrow she would end it once and for all.

She had only arrived in the enemy's hideout earlier this night, but the lack of adrenaline made the situation crash down. Just two days ago she was sitting happily with Kuroko in a non-de script city in the USA and now she was all alone someplace in the West Coast. The turn of events leading to this were in all honesty like something out of a fairy tale. Truthfully, they and a score of other espers and soldiers were in that particular city in order to find the last remaining vestiges of R&C Occultics and deal with them. She herself was there only because of Academy City orders. Thankfully she had been able to convince the higher-ups to let her take Kuroko with her, so she would not die of boredom. While she was quite unhappy because of the situation, it allowed her to do one thing; experiment with her powers. Her first goal, to master the Rampage Dress of Hokaze Junko. The girl had instructed her on how to use the ability, but trauma from Accelerator didn't let her use it to it's full potential. Now though with a clear goal in mind, to catch up to a certain spiky-haired boy, while only relying on her powers, such fears were cast away.

With her superior calculation skill and high intelligence, it was only a matter of time for her to partially master it. While she still didn't match the originals speed or strenght she had been able to use it to boost her physical power to a high level. Cracking normal walls was child's play to her now. She also didn't suffer any of the powers sideeffects. Those were the results of her first week training. While she wanted to venture into unexplored fields of her powers, covering her weaknesses was a matter of prudence.

The last day of that week though they were attacked. Not a soul was expecting an attack and they were caught unaware. The biggest portion of the espers were wiped, while the lucky ones fled. She however was not there. In the middle of the night, right before the attack was launched she was kidnapped by their apparent leader for his deranged experiments. He had fortunately not taken Kuroko. Kuroko had thankfully somehow found her before the experiments got lethal. When she first woke up, she could not use her powers. Apparently there was an AIM Jammer there. After that unsuccessful attempt at using her powers she hovered between being awake and getting knocked out. Then in one moment of clarity she pushed the madman off. It was by luck that she didn't have many inside injuries and was able to operate with a mostly clear mind.

The madman turned out to be a magician. Just as Kuroko reached their floor to save her, the room expanded and a mist covered it.

"Kuroko, let's stay together."

"OK, Onee-sama"

I knew Kuroko had no visibility in this environment and in order for her to stay unharmed I told her to stay with me. Fortunately the mist didn't reduce my observational capabilities and I was able to navigate it. Then in the edges of my EM Radar I started picking up a lot of signals.

'This is bad'

I didn't know what the signals were, but if they were something hostile keeping Kuroko safe would become that much harder.

"Kuroko, I picked up some signals. I am going to deal with them. Stay safe."

"Yes Onee-sama." Kuroko sounded and looked sad by leaving me alone to fight, but I couldn't let her get hurt due to my mistake of being captured.

I ran towards the nearest signals ready to fight. What greeted me were clay soldiers armed with stone shields and weapons made of various elements.

"This must be the work of Magic."

It was unexplainable otherwise, such a diverse power. Thankfully individually they were weak, destroyed by the weakest of attacks. She had not yet released stronger attacks, still being able to take down scores of them by weak attacks. After eliminating over half of them without breaking a sweat, they inexplicably destroyed themselves. Not a moment later she heard a rumbling sound as a 7 meter tall almost identical copy of them spawned. It had some key differences, mainly it's size and weapons. Now it was armed with 6 hands. One held a sword, another a shield, two others held a bow&arrow and finally two of them launched elemental magical barrages.

She tried the previous attacks but they proved to be ineffective against the new enemy. Slowly she upped the power, but it seemed to have become immune to her lightning. She was not worried though knowing she had other attacks. She changed her attack pattern, making an Iron Sand sword. To her complete surprise though after a successful first attack, it developed an immunity to that too. This was an interesting opponent, one who could become invulnerable to all her attacks. But was it only supernatural attacks or physical too?. She decided to try her theory.

So far she hadn't been grazed, being able to dodge all of its attacks. Now though she would engage it in close quarters combat. She had the advantage in speed, but she didn't know how tough it was. After two magic blasts that missed her made a smokescreen, she dissapeared from her previous position and appeared in the middle of the giant and punched with all her might.

A loud sound echoed through the room. With a single punch the giant had been destroyed. She was shocked. Her theory had been true. She had not expected it to be this fragile but she wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. Now she hurried back to Kuroko.

What she found greatly upset her, making her rage. Kuroko had been pierced by dozens of swords and a man was looking smugly at her.

"Who did she think she is? To take me out! She could only do so in 100 years. Nay, not even in a thousand could she hope to match me."

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

"Just because your friend died you become like this? I guess it was your fault after all, so its only natural to react like this."

"No stop, stop it. It's your fault she's dead."

"My fault she was incompetent you say? She was at fault. She attacked me. I only acted in self-defense."

"Revenge. I will take revenge for her starting with you." She started muttering in a small voice.

"What can you do? I am God in front of you." He haughtily replied, having heard her.

"I'll Kill you" She screamed.

Following that declaration, she attacked truly intent on taking his life there. The magician though had been able to put up his defenses in time.

"Is this the length of your resolve to kill me? Not even being able to scratch me, at least the other one injured me."

"Shut up!"

Inwardly she was thinking on how to counter his magic.

'He seems to be able to control the four elements, if those constructions were his. He doesn't seem like the kind of person to use the help of others. But if it just that then how did he defend right now? My attack bypassed him and appeared behind him. Perhaps he controls space too? Let's test that'

She took out a arcade machine coin and lined up a shot.

A arcade coin shot at mach 3; that was her signature move. Though she avoided using it on human opponents she didn't hold back now. The projectile was shot, breaking the speed of sound and just as it reached the enemy, space shimmered where it would hit him and appeared behind him with the same speed. Misaka's theory held true.

"I know your magic now. You will be easy prey now."

"Ha,ha,ha easy prey you say. You must be talking about yourself."

'Dammit he is right. He can attack and I can defend but I am truly cornered. If only I had more power, I could take revenge' She thought desperately.

As if responding to her wishes of power, two black wings sprouted from her back. The intensity and power of her attacks increased all focusing on him. She didn't seem to be in control of herself and spoke in a garbled language.

"What is this?" The magician panicked. He hadn't expected such a change to happen. If before, the girl had struggled in defeating him, he was now struggling to defend. His barriers were reaching their limit.

Misaka's Awakening had not only enhanced her power to much higher levels due to being able to do calculation with her wings too, but also allowed her to interact with magic, being able to analyze it and try to counter it, that is to say the laws of the world unknown to her were able to be analyzed. Though not as fast as Accelerator, she analyzed the enemies magic and found a counter to it. As strong as the shields were, they had a limit. Lifting the floor and everything in it up she crushed it in a ball, covered it in iron sand and electricity and shot it at the magician. The magician focused in defending against it but found himself unable to transport it all. In the end small pieces of the balls remains hit him and he fell down.

The girl with the devilish wings approached him.

"Hee, leave me alone. I'll tell you everything, I swear" The magician was scared. Such an unexpected turn of events scared him to death and he understood that his life was in danger.

The girl touched his forehead seemingly doing something.

Not a second later the man's eyes had rolled back and he fell down dead.

The girl flied out using her wings with a destination in mind. In the city panic erupted seeing the devilish figure come from seemingly nowhere. They were ignored though as it flew somewhere over the horizon

She reached her destination, lost her wings and fell down and collapsed in the empty building she was in now.

The first thing she did when she got up again was throw up in disgust at her actions. The damage to her psyche had been done now though. She accepted that eliminating people was a possibility, but it was one she would prefer to forego. For now though she had a mission to do; attack and take down Anna Sprengel.

She only had one way to fight her as her transformation to Level 6, something impossible and feared by her right now. Her awakening gave her a big boost, but the gap was still huge.

Then a thought struck her to achieve the Shift. The Misaka Network was a world wide brainwave network composed of her clones. If she gained access to it and made herself into an administrator she could perhaps infect the Network again and force it again. That would be harder than it sounded given that she would have to fight 10,000 of her brains. It was also a idea that appalled her. Perhaps though she could strike a deal with the Network Administrator?

She mulled over the idea for a bit and decided to give it a shot.

She felt three brainwave patterns similar to hers in the edges of her detection range. She now had an entry. She dived in the network and breached it's weakest defenses, hiding herself as a Sister. What she would do was heinous but she had no other choice. After a bit of hacking, she found the system administrator and sent a message. To her surprise she got an answer back.

It wasn't the one she wanted though, being refused by the administrator. She begged for her to listen, to help her, and just when it seemed that she would not budge she heard an affirmative. Apparently from what she understood the Network was used to support someone, she knew not who, but he had agreed to this happening, provided it doesn't happen again and when she finishes she comes apologize to them.

Later that night she found the hideout. In one final moment she asked the Network if it was okay to do what she was going to do. She received an affirmative answer. She was sad for forcing the Sisters to do this, no doubt they felt sad and betrayed. She herself knew that she would probably die in this fight, and as such never be able to repent for this sin.

Suddenly she felt power fill her up. The transformation was beginning. She felt as if she was losing control of herself to the transformation, but managed to hold on to her self. Then she saw a figure come out. Anna Sprengel. Curiously enough she didn't have that angel with her. Where was it? Perhaps it had gone somewhere else? It didn't matter. She was after all stronger than that angel. When she saw her come out though a primal rage took her over. All manner of logic and reasoning was thrown away in favor of brute strength. Right now she was only at 5% the maximum of what she reached the previous time, but this tima a pair of black wings had sprouted as well.

If before she could understand the battlefield and plan, now she attacked without regard for anything else. From that point on she could not remember anything

The next time she gained her reasoning she stood atop a battered and bruised Anna Sprengel in her last legs. She herself was in the same situation. Having fallen out of LVL6 form, she was bloodied and riddled with injuries. But she had achieved her goal. With one last lightning strike she was killed. Immediately after she, collapsed too the transformation combined with awakening having taken a heavy toll on her body that she could not handle. She knew that she was probably dead, but it had been worth it.

Unknown Location, Misaka Pov

The rays of the sun assaulted my eyes. Where was I? I should be dead right now. This was not the afterlife judging by the high-rise buildings. If so, where was I? This place was surely somewhere far away from before. A scream tore her away from her musings.

'What was that? I have to go check it.'

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