A Celestial's Wrath Book

novel - Sci-fi

A Celestial's Wrath


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In a further future where technology advanced by leaps and bounds, the space agency Spirit Pagoda developed a new technology: a bracelet which teleports one to other planets and can extract loot from monsters in form of coins. Seven of the new-found planets are full of treasures and rare resources. The so-called Spirit Realms. Because the Spirit Realms are too massive for the Spirit Pagoda to explore and exploit on their own, they opened the Spirit Realms for everyone to live, train, and work in. Yet unknown creatures inhabit the Spirit Realms. Everyone who goes there has to set their life on the line. But Yan Hao has no choice than to enter the Spirit Realms and fight, because the Phoenix Coin, which is located there, is the only thing which can save his ill sister.