1 Prologue Best Celebrity Ever Mesmerised

The Number One Celebrity LEVE has done it once more and has managed to stay in the Number 1 Top Global music artist in the world

Many people thought he would reveal his true identity behind his white mask and White Sunglasses

Somewhere in a Small house

"He is so Popular" A girl with messy hair exclaimed hugging her body pillow of Leve

A Girl in a School Uniform rushed in and saw the Messy hair Girl sitting on the floor and picked her up.

The Girl fixed her hair up and dressed her in a Black school uniform and skirt with a Pink and black tie around her neck.

The Girl jumped up and thanked her friend for fixing her up and immediately saw the time and dash away from her with her bag with her friend running after her.

"Lily, Wait for me, Besides your clock is always 30 minutes too early," Senko said to the girl who immediately stopped and scratched her head

"Sorry, Senko San, I Forgot," Lily said going beside Senko and walking to school together suddenly being pushed away

"Haha, You losers shouldn't even be in the same class as me, "A Girl said wearing a bucket worth of makeup and wearing a slutty uniform

Lily wanted to fight back but Senko stopped her and the mean girl smirked and left swaying her hips left to right.

Most boys looked at her swaying hips but one of them looked at Lily mesmerised by how she looked like.

The person looked very normal wearing a school uniform however he had something in his chest pocket.

Something that would change the destiny of her and him forever for as long as possible.

The thing he had in his Pocket was

A White Rose