1 NewBorn: Noodles!

At a sudden, she was alive. Born into a strange environment surrounded only by the many inhabitants of this strange place. She felt afraid although she did not know why but she wanted to hide and curl up into a tiny ball and disappear. But curiosity soon overtook her fear as she began to look over herself finding that she was in fact, very small and had four 'bendy stiff noddles with funny things at the end'. What confused her the most about the weird noodles that there were attached to here was that the bottom two helped her move around although the were pretty much useless given they keep tripping her over and the upper ones helped her touch and hold things. It was pretty trippy to be honest. She reached her weird noodle up to where she was looking from and found something weird and silky and she pulled it out gently in front of her eyes finding a beautifully blonde coloured lock of thread like stands clumped in her hands but for some reason it hurt when she pulled it so she let it go and decided to look around where she was.

Yet her lower noodles hated her far too much and kept tripping her over trapping her on this impassable valley of flat ground around her. No matter how much she tried to get back up, he noodles didn't want to listen and would trip her over again making it very difficult to stay on top of them. So she practiced using her noodles finding that her lower noodles were actually not like noodles at all but like a weird machine that she could move at will. Needless to say her mind was thoroughly blown. With renewed vigour she began to practice with her other set of noodles also finding they were like her lower noodles but really good for other things like picking up pebbles and making them move really far when they left the weird things with smaller noodle like protrusions at their end.

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Then all of a sudden a large blue box jumped at her from out of nowhere causing her lower noodles to knock her over again but looking up she was confused even more to be able to understand some weird shapes squiggled on the blue box reading 'System unlocked!' Confused she attempted to say system "Shishteem!" She triumphantly shouted to which the blue box suddenly ran away and then it came back but this time with more squiggly lines but even weirder.


Name: 001

Race: Locked: Needs higher intelligence.

Divine Power: 0.01


In naive delight, she began to try run behind the box but found the blue box was being quite rude and not letting her see its back after all she's only curious! She thinks. Unless the blue box was trying to play a game with her! But what would that game be? But just as she formed her first coherent thought for longer than 5 seconds her lower noodles tripped her again.

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