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Shameless self review to get he book noticed so I can advance quicker! I plan to write a long series spanning at least a couple hundred chapters, and that there will be a lot of outlining. Seriously, a lot of outlining. I have papers taped to my room's wall that takes up half the wall. That's just the first arc and character sheets.


A prologue that hooks you up fast and nicely. The rest of the story is quite binge worthy as well as being a good exemple for a good background building. Also the meta bits lighten this overall somehow dark novel, nice touch from a power-stone hungry author ;) Higly recommended


This is a really good book, pretty good grammar, nice communication between readers and the author and THE PUNS!!! Luv them. The author updates regularly 👍 Grammar is 4⭐️ Which is pretty good and this story has an interesting plot. Right now, it’s really intriguing albeit a few bumps here and there with the change in writing style and the author trying out some things. GIVE THE AUTHOR SOME POWER STONES!!!!


This is pretty good. Give it AT LEAST until chapter 6 to decide if you like it/hate it, but this is gold. The concept goes against everything the typical protagonist does in favor of a better direction that makes this book the awesome read it is. I really love how no character is strictly good or bad.


So, I’ve read up to chapter 119. I think it’s good and early on it definitely was spectacular. However, recent chapters and the current arc post-war is extremely underwhelming. Personally I don’t find noble squabbles as particularly entertaining and the pacing post-war with the lead up to the academy has be completely unenthusiastic for the 4 years the characters are going to be spending there. I’m extremely worried about pacing and overall entertainment value because I also dislike school arcs. Sure, they sometimes add to the overall world building and bigger picture of the continent but they’re so incredibly boring and there’s the whole nobles vs commons shtick that will be the main theme for the entire next 4 years worth of chapter content. It gets old fast for me and I’m already over it from the several other novels I read that use this trope. The story also makes every noble an extremely terrible person with zero redeeming qualities so it’s like, why give a sh!t to keep reading about the stupid group of nobles surrounding Thomas? I couldn’t care any less for them than I do now. The author also added some random “sleepiness/confusion” to the MC to keep him underpowered I guess? Like, that’s the only reason I can imagine why he did it as the MC would need to be nerfed I guess? I don’t quite like nerfing MCs as it really makes me lose all motivation for continuing to read. I personally read novels to see characters grow and continually push their limits. I don’t want a Gary Stu or someone that’s completely invincible but to use a nerf with no explanation on why it’s happening and leaving the audience in mystery for a dozen+ chapters doesn’t sit well with me as I completely lose interest. Then you randomly solve it with scaring him to death but it’ll come back again? Just seems like such a cop out to keep him underpowered because you probably feel he might be too strong as a combined Lich+human. I started reading this book because I WANTED THAT COMBINATION. Now that we have it in a superior form with them combined, you did that? Personally I find that boring and the antithesis of why I wanted to continue reading. Either make him strong or explain the situation to the readers. I don’t care if the MC still has no idea and you go out of your way to make a side character recognize the situation he’s in and not choose to help the Mc. Just don’t leave the readers clueless for a dozen+ chapters in my opinion. This is a wall of text so I’ll finish it off with a couple notes. Writing quality is good with a few spelling or grammar errors once every 2 or so chapters. Overall it’s miles ahead of translations on here. Story and premise has so much potential but I personally feel the author has slowed things down too much in the current arc and Added elements that I personally find incredibly boring to read while at the same time being very slow. The story was good up to the war ended and I kind of wish I stopped reading at that point as this new arc has made me dislike this novel tremendously to the point where I am now dropping it entirely. I don’t have time to waste on stories that don’t have the things in them that I want to read about. The author can keep doing what they’re doing but personally I find the current arc boring and the premise for the arc even more dreadful and uninspired. The characters all feel like they have life but the nobles feel incredibly “same-y”. They’re all caricatures of what you expect horrible-selfish-greedy nobles to be. There’s nothing good about them and they’re all terrible people. At least that’s what is basically written about them and the dialogue/vibes they give off from reading up to ch119. Anyways, for anyone else. I recommend reading to the end of the war and dropping it at the end of the final battle. That is the story’s peak and you won’t be disappointed like I currently am for having read past that.


damn this site is unfair, why hasnt this novel blown up yet. There are lots of ****ty ones trending while a gem like this still remains undiscovered. wonderful work, keep this up author.


Honestly I love this book the author has done a wonderful job at not only building a story but each character has a good personality and he sticks to the personalities given to the character. Overall I love this book and can't put it down.


As the story progresses the author becomes more comfortable and it shows. Love the overarching story and I am coming to enjoy the characters more as author delves deeper into them. If you like a darker story I highly suggest you take a look.


Oh maaaann, what a prologue, it's nice and capture me right away, like i said in the comment, it's not the best, but one of the coolest and nice.... i just read it to chapter 7, and i can't say keep up the good work to you author san.... I must say " KEEP UP THE DARK WORK " .... "MWUUUUAHAHAHAHAAAA " [laugh in evil tone]


This book just keeps on giving, it is just great. It has a solid story, and it may get better once it advances in the future. I would give my powerstones, just because I wish for people to see this book.


This book inspired me to finally put up my stuff on webnovel. It also showed me how great writing and pacing is supposed to look like. The world building is one of the best I've seen and I think Doevm is one of the most spectacularly nerfed op characters, I've read. Great stuff, great author, great guy. Also love the shameless powerstone plugs, lol. Never gets old.


I recommend This Novel, because sometimes the history is funny, at the same time it's dark and you can sympathize with the MC and some characters so easily, although there's parts you disagree with his choices or think he was just too much careless for his own good. But you still like him even with his flaws and still reading. Despite the parts of insistent power stone, This is a good Novel.


Nice novel. A little bit dark for some tastes, i don't know u all but i like the mc personality, till now there hasnt been much world development but is just the start anyways is a good read.👌 (psdt:pardon my grammar, my main language is spanish)


As the title said, it bore me to read this novel. The world setting is generic medieval fantasy with magic, the so called gods are bunch of brain dead beings that repeat the same thing over and over again for who know how many thousands of year (like the definition of insanity). The MC is hypocrite, he claim to not be evil but his actions prove otherwise. I enjoy ruthless MC like Fang Yuan and FY never once claim that he is a good person, he enjoy taking advantage of other to his own benefit so sure he is "evil" by his world standard but atleast he is not hypocrite. the characters so far are pretty generic, just because they said something ruthless doesn't mean it make the better (they are all bark but no bite type). Overall I'm disappointed by this novel, what a let down.


An awesome book that follows the adventures of a lich chasing his dreams. Read as he battles his inborn nature and learns the absurdity of humanity


This isn’t the run-of-the-mill story with the lazy use of “subconscious” and never ending floods of unnecessary exclamation marks. A Bored Lich has vivid descriptions of the characters and world, competent characters, and humor that I enjoy. It’s definitely not for everyone, and it’s not perfect, but it’s been leagues better than most of the stories I’ve read on this app.


Amazing story! Excellent character and world development with No, crappy filler text and one dimensional main characters! This is a must read!


Reveal spoiler


Seems interesting


I never wrote a review on a novel before so im probably not the best reviewer,but what I can say is that the novel is vary unique and angaging and writien beautifully but most of all it’s my favourite novel so you have to take my word for it and read it :)