A bored Gamer and his budding harem~! (Dropped) Book

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A bored Gamer and his budding harem~! (Dropped)


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A/N : You guys know all the copyright crap? Imagine it’s all here… . . . . . . Echo had always been mature for his age, apathetic and indifferent to almost everything in general, even his own life. There were few things that could hold the interest of the nineteen year old high school drop out, his family being one of them. But even towards them, he found himself barely capable of expressing his emotions. To the outside, he is a cold, aloof, perhaps even arrogant, and unfriendly introvert whose dead-black eyes makes one refrain from even wanting to talk to him. Echo had a secret, however. One that he had never told anyone, not even the woman he calls ‘Mom’ in his monotonous, almost emotionless voice or the rest of his ‘family’ despite holding great affection for them. He is, in fact, a reincarnator. ((You slept in bed. HP restored. MP restored. All abnormal statuses cleansed.)) And one fine morning, when he opened his eyes from a good night’s sleep, his ‘cheat’ arrived.


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