1 Kel's Descent

"Boy, be careful; you're going to be on your own from now on. Remember to take care of yourself!"

"Okay, mother! I'm off now." (she's not his actual mother, but he calls her mother as she was his caretaker at the orphanage)

"Be careful; remember to come back once you've settled down!"

"Okay, mother, I promise I'll be back soon. Bye, I'll miss you."

"I will as well, take care, and go make a name for yourself."

"Alright, I'm off now."

"Wait, you forget your cane! How could you forget your cane?"

"Sorry, I was simply too excited."

"Well, remember to control yourself then, boy.."

"Okay, I'll be off now!"

Kel began his journey, slowly descending the mountain from which the orphanage was situated so that he wouldn't trip. Thankfully, although his gift was currently only rank F, it could still allow him to "see" within a radius of 10 meters around him. Thus, he avoided all the obvious dangerous monsters. However, since it was only 10 meters, his descent still required vigilance as any monsters outside of his gifts' circle would be able to spot him and attack when he was unaware.

However, for some reason, his journey was extremely smooth, almost too smooth. Then he heard it… it was his mother fighting.

He followed the noise and soon was able to "see" his mother fighting a monster that had almost snuck up on him.

"Mother, why are you here?"

"I was worried about you, so I decided to eradicate all the monsters on the trail."

"Mother… I can take care of myself now."

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"I know I was simply worried about you, just continuing going on your way as if nothing happened."


"Go on now, boy. I promise I won't interfere anymore."

"... Okay, thank you for everything you've done for me, mother. I promise I'll be back as soon as I can."

"I'll hold you to that boy, but you better get along now. You don't want to miss your only chance to leave the mountain."

"Alright, once again, thank you, mother," said Kel as he bowed towards his mother's direction, then ran slowly walked back to the trail to continue descending.

Although his gift wasn't particularly useful in a fight, Kel hoped that as he developed his skill to a higher rank, he would be strong enough to contend with his mother and eventually be able to protect her.

He eventually reached the entrance to the mountain, usually heavily guarded by Upper Saint rank guards; the gate today, however, was unusually quiet. Naturally, this wasn't a coincidence, and his mother had planned for this ahead of time so that he would be able to sneak out.

One might wonder why there was an orphanage atop of a monster-ridden mountain, guarded by people, who each had the strength to rule small towns and who his mother might be, to be able to dominate them. However, that is for another time.

Kel was able to walk past the gates freely and was now able to begin his story finally.

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