2 "Help"

Kel began to follow the road; unfortunately, although his ability was quite helpful for a blind person, it did not allow him to see inanimate objects (he was only able to walk down the mountain path because he had memorized the route prior). Thus, he had to use his cane to feel his way down the road.

Luckily or perhaps unluckily for him, as far as he could sense, there was no one else on the road he was using. But, he had to be extra attentive to his surroundings as although bandits usually didn't patrol the road due to the Upper Saint soldiers, today there weren't any soldiers, so there might be bandits. However, it was unlikely as the soldiers were always supposed to be guarding the road that led to the mountain.

Kel continued to walk down the path peacefully. While he didn't know where the trail led to, he was almost sure that the route had to lead to some sort of city, or else how would the Saint guards shift with other guards and receive necessary food. Though martial artists with Saint-level strength were by no means on the level of human weakness, they still needed food and water every few weeks, and guarding an almost empty road was guaranteed to be a tedious job.

"HELPPPPP," screamed someone with a shrill voice.

"Who's that? Mother did tell me to be a gentleman, but she also said that I should be careful. So, I should try not to cause any trouble and continue on my way."



Kel continued walking down the path as if he hadn't heard anything; alas, sans sight, his attempt to act ignorant did not work as he suddenly realized that the noise had come from in front of him, meaning that the person screaming was on the path that he was walking.

"Ha, no ones helping you today, young master, the Upper Saint soldiers usually guarding the road have, for some reason, left. Thus, no one will come to help you."

"I trusted you, Gerald! My parents trusted you! They supported you as if you were their son. Why would you work with bandits to abduct me?"

"Although your parents did support me as if I was their son, they treated me nowhere near as well as they did to you. I was forced into becoming your servant. Even worse, my lover and I were forcefully separated by your parents, and she was sold to another house because they did not want anyone interfering with my work of serving you. Therefore, I wanted to teach your parents a lesson, and you were merely the collateral. Plus, we are not going to kill you, just ransom you for an excessive amount of money."

"Wait, I thought we agreed that we could kill the kid?"

"Well, change of plans."

"What do you mean change of plans?"

While the young master's servant and the bandits' leader were busy arguing, Kel tried to secretly pass by them using his skill Quiet Steps (E-) *meaning the skill works on everyone at and below lower Spirit strength*. Unfortunately for him, his skill did not silence his cane, only his body, and even then, most of the bandits there had a strength of Middle Spirit, with the lowest being Middle Man. Plus, the young master had the power of Middle Spirit.

Immediately, the stronger bandits and the young master noticed Kel, and soon the underlings did too.

Kel, oblivious to the fact that everyone had noticed him, continued to walk down the path as if nothing was happening.

"Hey, are you going to walk by without even helping me?... Don't act like you don't hear me, though I can see you're blind; I'm pretty sure you're not deaf as your ears habitually perked up."

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*I'm going to use "" for dialogue and '' for thoughts*

Kel continued to walk on his merry way.

"Oh ho ho, who do we have here?"

"I'm merely a blind beggar trying to walk to the city."

"Bullsh*t, your timing was way too perfect, and I saw you sneakily turn on your gift to try and assassinate us."

"Apologies, I wasn't trying to assassinate you; I simply didn't want to interrupt your little party."

"Pfff, as if. Anyway, this abduction has been way too boring, and I still haven't bashed some skulls in. I think yours will do perfectly fine."

"Hey, he's an innocent bystander. Do you have to involve him in this," said the young master.

"Of course, my bloodlust hasn't been satiated yet, and it won't be as we aren't going to be killing you, so I need to kill someone else, and he happened to be here. Boys, go get him."

'I guess I won't be able to walk away.'

Kel immediately activated his skill, Inferior Dominance, which made someone appear one major level higher than they were, though it didn't work if you were above Saint level. Kel was at Upper Man level strength, although his skill was weak, his mother had forced him to train his body, which allowed him to be much stronger than the average person, so the skill immediately made him create an aura of an Upper Spirit being.

Instantly, the bandits tensed up, and the young master's face lit up as although an Upper Spirit wouldn't be able to kill the 50 or so Middle Spirit to Middle Man beings, an Upper Spirit would be able to make many of them extremely injured. Bandits were known for being extraordinarily self-centered. Many of them would not sacrifice a drop of blood for one of their fellow bandits. Unless, of course, there was a bountiful reward, and it so happened that there was one today.

Nonetheless, at least half of them immediately fled as they didn't want to anger an opponent, who was at Upper Spirit; the other half, on the other hand, stayed, hoping to be able to abduct the young master still and receive limitless gold.

"Boys, get him for me; I'll give a larger portion of the reward to anyone who defeats him," the bandits' boss suddenly screamed. The weaker bandits rushed towards Kel, hoping that their large numbers would scare Kel into retreating.

Although Kel didn't want to start a fight as this was none of his business, now that the bandits had started to attack him, he was going to have to fight. He promptly used his gift and positioned himself into the posture of a swordsman. His gift, although underwhelming, did allow Kel to see the physical weaknesses on the 3-D bodies of his attackers. Kel used them to his advantage and ruthlessly stabbed at them; the cane was dull at the tips, yet once used with enough force and precision, they dealt an enormous amount of pain.

"Arghhh," screamed 3-4 bandits as they fell on the ground, writhing in pain.

As soon as their fellow bandits saw this, they hesitated, but they still pushed forward as their reward seemed so close to them. Still, their ends were the same as the prior bandits.

It is crucial to notice that Kel truly only had the strength of an Upper Man being; however, the differences between lower-level major ranks (Man, Spirit, and Saint) were tiny, and many talented beings could fight against higher stage beings. However, once higher stages of strength were reached, the differences grew exponentially vaster. Kel was both talented and hardworking, so his combination of gift and skills, though low-level, could deal pretty good damage (still, his damage output was only at the Middle Spirit level, but his ability to see physical weaknesses was extraordinarily helpful).

Soon, out of the 20 or so bandits, only the boss remained. Although known for his brutality as a bandit, the boss recognized that he couldn't beat Kel, so he quickly turned and fled.