A Blind Beggar's Wanderings
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A Blind Beggar's Wanderings


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What is A Blind Beggar's Wanderings

Read A Blind Beggar's Wanderings novel written by the author dinosauronesie on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Follow Kel on his destinationless journey through the world of Hadean. Kel was born with incurable blindness; however, he possesses a growth type gift: Perceive and ???. His gift begins, however, as of rank F-. He has no real goal in mind, but he does desire to explore the world, Hadean. Kel lives in an orphanage atop a mountain as his parents left him there for unknown reasons. He is being taken care of by a caretaker there, who he calls his mother. The story begins as he starts to leaves the orphanage to embark on his journey. Hadean is filled with many types of beings and continents, which are constantly fighting against each other. Gift, Strength, and Skills Generalities (These are subject to change): In Hadean, beings are born with gifts, divided into 12 major ranks -- F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS, X, XX, XXX -- and three minor ranks: -, =,+. Gifts are also split into fixed and growth types. Usually, mastered rank F gifts are attributed to Man-level strength, rank E for Spirit, etc. However, mastered X, XX, and XXX-level gifts are all attributed to the Creator-level strength. A beings strength is divided into 10 major ranks: Man, Spirit, Saint, Transcendent, Supreme, Paramount, Immortal, Demigod, God, and Creator. Each major rank is subdivided into 3 minor ranks: lower, middle, and upper. Beings can also learn skills that have nothing to do with their gift, it merely takes a lot of time to master them, and many see them as a waste of time because the time spent on learning skills could have been used on furthering their gift. Skills are divided into ranks, the same way as gifts. Author: Hi, I'm new to writing, and would love some feedback from you all. Thank you.

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