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A BL across worlds(system)


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What is A BL across worlds(system)

Read A BL across worlds(system) fanfiction written by the author DaoistTree on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is others fanfic stories, covering romance, reincarnation, system, transmigration, bl. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Ugh, why do I have to choose to market this book to males or females why can't there just be a both option, I ended up just flipping a coin for that, anyways, back to the synopsis. At the age of 10, the MC gets a world system that allows him to reincarnate into books/movies/games/anime and gain new abilities. There will probably be around 10-20 chapters per world on estimate. Basically just an isekai system with a bl romance. Also, just one love interest and I don't really plan to stray too far from cannon and do stuff like making Kiribaku or Drarry happen mainly because that's not my book is about. If you don't like BL, system, or multiple reincarnations this book is not for you. However, for those that do enjoy all of the above, I hope you enjoy the novel.


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I really like it and I woul love to read more! It did not still development much but the first chapters are interesting and I like the MC. I hope there would soon be a new chapter, obviously if the author can't or has a author block it's okay, I just hope that you will not drop it :3


You're translation quality is good, I don't know about stability update though. The Story Development, Character Design and World Background is great. And i really like about where the romance is going, and I'm dying to read the romance scenes in the story! And good job for making a good novel, Author-sama!~


Shameless 4.8 score because my ability to dedicate myself to something may wax and wane but I will still attempt to write if I have any inspiration. I must say that for the time being I have no plans to write any s*x scenes. Very possible for that opinion to change but for now that's not my plan.


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