A Bird's Cage Book

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A Bird's Cage


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she was born for convenience not love princess Abbigal. she was ready to be sold to the worst person who bid the right price at the right time for the sake of the royal family. she lived without hope or expectations so she will never come to feel disappointment. if she were to describe her life she will say that it is the life of a bird in a bird's cage. he was born as the first prince of his kingdom showered with burdens and expectations enviy since birth instead of love. he lived with his guard always up the only thing he favoured was the sword and if becoming the next king would allow him to swing his sword it was a small price to pay he didn't care if he was called a blood thirsty demon. what will happen if those two were involved in an arranged marriage. will what they thought to be unrealistic bloom between them. if you want to find out read the story of princess Abbigal and crown prince Issa.


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