4 Maybe

Everyone was sitting in a meeting room. Rias and her peerage including her pawns were standing beside the wall. Sirzechs and azazel were sitting together at one end of the table. Where as Issei and the vali team were sitting opposite to sirzechs and azazel. The room was silent with everyone waiting for a person to break this eerie silence.

"So where do I begin?" asked issei.

"Why did you stop spending time In the occult research club following the arrival of ravel?" asked sirzechs in a formal yet curious tone. With ravel looking on in interest. She had spent the whole year blaming herself for isseis death. Now that he was back she would insure that she wont let him go again.

"Well considering that everyone ganged up and berated me for something I was not aware of, I decided it would be best to give them space to cool down before we talked again." Issei answered calmly before looking at ravel who was fidgeting. Issei then said to ravel. "Ravel I am not mad at you. You werent the reason I left, I look forward to having cake with you again soon." This caused Ravel to sigh in relief and the other girls to slightly glare at her.

"The next question, what happened on the day that you disappeared and how did you end up joining the vali team?" asked azazel.

"Well it was about 2 months after the whole berating incident. I decided that it had been long enough and I would go talk things with everyone. As I was returning from my contract I was going to the meeting room to submit my payment." Issei stopped at this point and closed his eyes while his hands balled into fist. Seeing this le fay quickly placed her hand on his making him look at her. She smiled at him and nodded to him. Showing that she was and everyone of the team were there for him. Issei smiled at her before continuing "However as I reached the room I heard some not so friendly things about myself. I do not want to repeat but I can show you. Ddraig if you would." said issei as the boosted gear appeared and a holographic stream appeared from the central gem.

Holographic memory.*

Lets get this meeting underway before issei gets back." said rias.

"Hmm I wonder what do they want to discuss its not my birthday anytime soon." thought issei. He also decided to keep on listening and ship for more clues.

"His perversion is getting out of hand now. I do not know the last time I had a review which didnt mention his perverted nature." Said rias the spite in her voice was as clear as day. Hearing her say that made isseis widened in shock.

"Not to mention that he has been perving around other girls a lot more than usual. The amount of hate the club gets because of him is increasing day by day." said kiba.

This shocked issei as he did not expect his best friend who he thought of as a brother to talk about him in such a manner. Not to mention behind his back.

"He has also failed to confess to you. I am starting to wonder is he even useful?" said akeno her voice having as much spite as rias's. Her words hurt issei deeply as well. Were all the times he spent with her for naught. Was her hating her heritage all a lie to get closer to him.

"I too am becoming troubled by Ise sans perverted nature. I may have to stop being with him if it gets any bigger." said asia shyly.

"Oooou to think that my childhood friend became such a perverted beast. Do not worry ise kun I will save you. Amen." said irina causing everyone to sweatdrop.

The words of his friends were now begining to pierce him. Was all that he did for asia nothing? Was his perverse nature all that his childhood friend could see. Issei thought as he felt tears forming in his eyes.

"I honestly think it was a mistake reincarnating him. I had also hoped that his perverted tendencies would go down a notch if he had gone through a near death experience. I honestly would not even have thought about reincarnating him if he wasnt the red dragon emperor." said Rias. These words of her had finally crossed the line. He felt his whole heart breaking all over again. He summoned his gauntlet and looked at it. He at that moment realised that he did not mean anything to them at all. All they needed was his gear and his power. He was nothing but a tool for them to use and then throw away.

"He is the enemy of women everywhere." said koneko. He was used to her saying things like that. But this time it felt much colder and much more serious.

"I agree with you koneko. Maybe If I left him to die a little longer he would have lost his perverted nature and would have actually been able to confess to me." said rias. This shocked issei even more. The one person he held more dear than anyone in the world would be willing to let him die. He did not think that they would go as far as they were right now.

"Well nothing we can do can change the past you know." said akeno with a sigh.

"But change can always be brought in the future." said xenovia.

It was at this moment that issei decided to turn and leave. He could not handle anymore of there slander. As he quietly left his home he started walking away. Thinking about all that he had done for this group and how they treated him for it. Dirst was rias, he literally gave up an arm for her to keep her from getting sold of to another family. Next was akeno were all the times he complimented her and told her that he accepted her true nature all just an act to reduce his pervsion. Asia the one he had saved from fallen angels and the one for whom he had nearly lost his life to juggernaut drive. Didn't want to stay with him just because of his pervsion.? Talk about selfish. Irina his childhood friend and the one who could see goodness in nearly everyone was not able to see the goodness in him. Kiba his brother in all but blood, whom he had helped move on from his painful past was willing to leave him just because of something like maintaining a perfect picture. And xenovia she only saw him as breeding stock for strong children. She did not care about his feelings. And lastly koneko. The one he had protected her when her own family was against her called him an enemy to all women.

*Memory end.*

"After this I decided to leave the area as I did not want to listen any further. When I reached the park I had realized that I was being manipulated from the very beginning." said issei

Everyone was quiet again. Sirzechs looked shocked, he never thought that his younger sister would say something like that. Specifically not to someone she loved. Azazel was emitting an aura of silent fury but did not say anything. Rias and her peerage except the new pawns looked down in shame. The vali team and ravel were glaring at them.

After a few moments silence Sirzechs looked up again and asked" Can you tell us what you realized at the park?"

Issei nodded before saying "Tell me Sirzechs ni sama is it possible for a high class devil to not know if any un planned activity is happening in his or her terroritory?"

Sirzechs shook his head and said "That is impossible. They would know if something like that happens."

"Then how is it possible that your sister Ignored the fallen angels in her terroritory. Also on the day of date I had received a summoning paper from her familiar. So what do you think that entails?"

Sirzechs stayed quiet for a while as his brain mentally connected the dots. He gasped as soon as realization hit him. Issei then smiled emotionlessly and said "Thats right your dear sister knew that the fallen were in her terroritory, she knew of there plan to murder me. AND INSTEAD OF WARNING ME, SHE LET THEM KILL ME SO THAT SHE COULD COME IN AND BE A SAVIOR." issei shouted in the end before stopping and panting in anger.

Azazel then said to Issei "Son I am really sorry for my faction did to you. If you can find it in your heart please forgive me."

Issei shook his head and gave azazel a real smile before saying "It wasnt your fault sensei It was kokabiels, and vali took care of him so its even. Though I do not think I will be able to forgive them." he said pointing at rias and glaring at her.

Sirzechs then turned to rias and said in a very cold voice "Rias is what issei said true? And dont think about Lying to me. If I catch you lying the consequences will be severe."

This surprised issei he did not think that sirzechs would say anything to rias. But it seems that he was a good leader after all. Issei smiled as he was happy that he did not lose his big brother figure.

"Hai its true. But I only did it because I was being forced into a marriage with riser. And I did not want that." rias weakly replied

"Kuoh is taken from under your jurisdiction and will now be Sonas terroritory. This decision is to be affected immediately. You may leave." said sirzechs in an authoritative tone. Leaving absolutely no room for any arguement.

Rias dejectedly moved out of the room with her peerage following her. Sirzechs sighed before turning to Issei and saying " I am really for letting thst happen issei will you ever forgive me?"

"I'm not angry on you ni sama. You did nothing wrong. We will be cool if you permit me to play with milicas one of these days." replied issei causing sirzechs to smile in gratitude.

"Sorry to ruin the mood but what will you be doing vali? Will you be coming back to the grigori or will you be joining the devils?" asked azazel

"Well I am thinking of about joining the devils and getting my own evil pieces." replied vali.

"Ok then that sorts that out. All of you should go to human world. I had shemhaza build a mansion for you guys while we were in the meeting. It should be complete now." said azazel

Vali nodded and stood up. The others followed as they left the room to return to the human world.

"Ne mina what do you guys want to do when we go to the human world?" asked issei

"We don't really have an idea since non of us has had the oppertunity to actually see it you know." replied vali

Issei smirked at that before saying "How about all of us go a quadruple date?"

Everyone stopped moving abruptly and looked at issei incredulously. "Hey dont give me that look. Everyone here is in a relationship and dates are a common feature in a relationship. All you get ready, we are leaving in 2 hours." said issei as they entered their new home. Everyone followed his command went to get changed.

Scene break*

"Oi issei what do you think I should wear?" asked bikou.

Issei came into the room with some clothes in his hands. After examining them he nodded to himself before handing bikou A black jacket, black T shirt and black jeans. Issei then said "Wear this you will look unresistable." The monkey king nodded his head after which issei left the room to go to vali.

"Issei how do I look?" asked vali who was in his normal attire of a black shirt and grey jeans.

"You know that is what you normally wear right?" Issei deadpanned at him.

"Well excuse me, but this outfit is good for combat so I bought many copies of it. I never thought Id have to go on a date some day." vali replied with a shrugg.

"Hai hai battle maniac sama here wear this." said issei as he handed Vali a white jacket, blue jeans and a silver shirt with a white dragon design on it. Vali grinned as he looked at the clothes before he went to his washroom to change. He came out of the bathroom and was surprised by how good he looked.

He turned to issei and said "How come you knew that this combination would look good on me?"

Issei shrugged in response before saying "I wearing literally the same thing only difference is my jacket is red and shirt is black with a red dragon along with the white one in it." Vali nodded at before leaving to join bikou in the living room.

Finally issei sighed as he went to the person who he knew would be the most difficult to dress considering his background. Entering Arthurs room he saw that he was wearing formal clothing, this caused issei to raise a brow at Arthur who noticed this and said "What is the matter? What is with that look?"

"Dude you are going on a date and not on business meeting. Here change into this. It is much more convenient for the occasion." Said issei as he handed arthur a Blue jacket , a lilac shirt with a cross blade design on it, and Blue jeans. Arthur silently took the clothes and changed before leaving for the living room.

Issei then made his way to his own room before changing his own outfit which consisted of A red jacket, with a black shirt- that had a red dragon and a white one flying side by side-, designed on it, along with black colored jeans. Finally ready he made his way to the living room where the guys were waiting for the girls.

It was after a few minutes that all of the girls had appeared. And needless to say all the boys had been blown away by there beauty. Ahri was wearing a purple sleeve less summer dress along with long heels. Along with a brown hat that fit in perfectly with her blonde hair. The way she looked left bikou gawking at her.

Kuroka for once was not in her usual kimono instead she was wearing a black jacket, a light blue shirt and blue jeans. She also changed her hairstyle from her usual open look to a twin tails one. Need less to say vali had a hard time taking his eyes of her.

Ellie was wearing a purple Full sleeved shirt, along with blue jeans and heals. The said shirt had a teddy bear embroided on it where as the jeans had streaks of red going through it. She had braided her hair and was keeping them in place using a butterfly ornament. The said ornament had been a gift from Arthur. It was then that everyone had finally seen something they never thought they would. Arthur was blushing and he was trying to look away only to fail miserably. This caused Ellie to giggle cutely as she thought that arthurs reaction was adorable.

To Issei le Fay was the best looking of all 4 girls. She was wearing a Red full sleeved frock. Along with a skin colored hat. She looked like a princess. Issei smiled before walking upto her and grabbing her by the waist before saying "You know if i didnt know better I'd think that you were an angel sent from heaven."

Le Fay blushed at that before playfully slapping him on the arms and teasingly said " You must say that to every other girl you see."

"Ho so maybe that means that I see you in every other girl I see." said issei before he leaned down and kissed her square on the lips. When they broke apart Le fay had a look of bliss on her face. Issei turned to look at the other who were looking at their counterparts with looks of expectation. Issei face palmed were they really that clueless on dating.

Issei turned to look at the guys and looked at them with a deadpanned expression which said "Go tell them how they look. and do something similar to what I did."

Some how getting the message Vali moved towards kuroka and said "You look beautiful you know? You should dress like this more oftenly." This caused kuroka to develop an automatic blush and she wasn't able to reply. Seeing that vali chuckled before taking her hand and kissing her on the cheek.

The next boy to move was bikou who did what you would expect from a prankster. He moved towards Ahri and with out speaking lifted her in a princess carry before spinning her around and then kissing her. After they broke away He looked straight Into Ahris eyes and said "You know you would pass as a queen right now. And not just any queen youd be my queen." This caused Ahri to blush and she simply pushed her head into bikou chest. Elicting chuckles from Vali ,Kuroka ,Le Fay and Issei.

Everyone then turned to The final couple in the room. Everyone was waiting In baited breath to see what the noble arthur would do. Arthur followed in the footsteps of the other guys. He looked at Ellie with a loving smile before touching her cheek and kissing her on the forehead before saying "You know if you keep looking like that I will have to become a full fledged knight again."

Everyone chuckled at that before Issei clapped his hands getting everyones attention. He then said "Alright ladies and gentlemen lets go on this quadruple date. I hope you like what I have planned out for us."

The first thing that Issei had planned for the group was a visit to the amusement park. Why you ask? Simple all of the others due to circumstances in there lives werent able to visit an amusement park as kids, So he wanted them to experience it. And also that it would be fun to see there reactions.

"So then the first ride that we are gonna go is the roller coaster." Said issei as he pointed to a ride behind him.

Everyone looked at the ride before paling, The exact feelings were translated by vali who said "That looks more like a death valley than a ride." Causing the remaining 6 to nod as issei scoffed, before leading the group to the roller coaster.

They were soon in the waiting line and after a few minutes it was there turn to sit. Issei then turned to the rest and said "I will be sitting in the front with Le Fay you guys can sit in any order you want." He then helped Le Fay sit down before he made sure all the safety contraptions on her were functioning. He then sat down beside her and turned to the group before saying "Ok if you feel afraid during the ride just scream." The others were confused by his suggestion but non the less agreed.

The ride started moving before reaching a peak and then speeding downwards. As expected Issei was screaming in enjoyment with Le fay clinging on to him for dear life. Arthur and Ellie surprisingly both were calm and composed and seemed to be unaffected by the ride. Both bikou and Ahri were screaming in enjoyment just like Issei. It was mainly because Of their nature as yokai. The worsrt of the bunch were vali and kuroka. Both of them were clinging on each other and were screaming out of pure fear.

When the ride finally stopped Vali, kuroka and le fay looked like they had a scene a ghost. Bikou and Ahri were overexcited and wanted to go again. Only to be stopped by Ellie who looked green. Issei chuckled before lifting le fay in a piggy back and led the group to the cups to get them to relax.

After that they went for the crashing cars. It was then both Issei and Vali had reignited their rivalry and only targetted each others cars all the while shouting insults at each other. The Girls and bikou laughed at the scene while Arthur simply shook his head in amusement at his friends antics.

Issei then said "Ok guys lets go for a movie next before we grab dinner and then go home." Everyone nodded and made way to a restaurant. Once they entered the restraunt issei went to the manager and said "4 tables for 2 going under Issei LucDragon." The manager nodded before checking the system, a few minutes later he looked up and smiled before saying "This way please."

Issei nodded and motioned the others to follow him. He first made the girls be seated on the 4 tables before turning to the boys and saying "Listen up guys, if anyone asks say we are cousins with the sur name of LucDragon. Also I arranged separat tables for all of us so don't be shy and do what you want to do. Ok?" The rest of the boys nodded before Issei made his way to Le Fay.

She smiled at him before saying "You really are working hard to make sure they don't mess up arent you?"

Issei sighed before he sat and took her hand in his and then said "Hey I learnt a lot in my life last year, and I am just giving them pointers so they dont get hurt like I did." Le Fay nodded at that but did not say anything.

After a few minutes of silence Issei squeezed the hand he was holding-getting Le fay to look at him- he said "Thank you."

This confused Le fay a little who titled her head in a cute way and asked "For what?"

"Well mainly for not giving up on me. When I woke up a year ago I decided that I was going to cover my heart in a layer of ice so that no one would ever be able to enter it again. But you stuck by me and made yiur way into my heart, you melted the ice all by yourself, and because of that I will forever be in you debt." replied issei.

Le Fay smiled before saying "Oh it was nothing, My heart fell in love with you, there was no way I was going to let you be an Ice king you know. Although there is something that I want to ask you."

"What is it?" asked issei.

Le Fay blushed a bit before shyly saying "Will be going back to having a harem?"

Issei blinked once at that then twice before he started chuckling. Confusing the young blonde sitting in front of him. "Well Le Fay chan if you must know, no Im not going to go for the harem route anymore all my heart needs and wants is you. And I already have you."

Le Fay developed an atomic blush at how sincere his words sounded. To hide her embarrassment she opened up her menu and started reading of it trying to decide what to order. The remainder of lunch was a peaceful affair all 4 couples were enjoying each other. Vali would never admit but if this was what peace offered he was all up for it.

After dinner everyone felt slightly tired and they decided to head back home considering they had to go to school tomorrow. Issei smirked a little at the thought of school oh it would be so interesting to see how the others would react to his return and his relationship with Le fay.

When they reached back home issei locked the doors while le fay charmed it with spells of protection. When it was done Issei turned to vali and with a serious voice said "I am sure you noticed, but what do you think about him being here.?"

"Well it could be many things but for now Im guessing he is here to gauge how strong have you become." replied vali

"Are we going to talk about switch following us today?" bikou asked in a carefree manner.

"I don't think it'll be necessary her power doesnt seem to have grown over the year." replied issei

"Tho both the holy demonic sword wielder and the durandal wielder seemed to be leagues ahead of there old selves, they might give us a challenge." said arthur

"Oh we'll get by fine nya. After all we do have the support from the alliance after all the information and evidence we provided them." Said Kuroka

"I think we should get to bed tomorrow is gonna be a long day specifically because we do have to go to school." said issei

"Nyahahahahah. Only you ,vali, and le fay have to go, the rest of us are overage." said kuroka with arthur, Ahri ellie and bikou nodding at her sagely words.

This caused issei to sigh as he said "If you arent going try keeping a look out around the city. Who knows what is happening." The others nodded before leaving for there respective rooms.

At the hyoudou mansion*

Rias was brooding. This day was the worst day in all her life. Not only had her love interest -who she thought was dead- came back and ignored her for another girl. She also had her terroritory taken from her. It was giving her a headache but she knew who was responsible. It was The blonde haired witch.

"Just you wait I will take issei back from you." thought rias.

With that she got up to go to bed her mind full of ways to try and get issei back to her and the other girls

End of chapter 4

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