922 Lesson Resume Ⅳ

Thursday wasn't much easier as Rowan and Severus had Gobbledegook as their last class of the day. Not that Professor Manzil Snipe was not a teacher, it's just that they were rather tired at this point in the week. Covering a yawn, Rowan had entered the classroom and quickly sat down in her usual seat next to Pandora, Xeno, and Andrew.

From her seat, Rowan saw Severus naturally sit down next to Lily, who was sitting next to Regulus and his friend, Dirk Creswell. And well, Dirk Creswell looked like he would come in first at this rate. Not that he didn't deserve it since he would one day be the Head of the Goblin Liaison Office.

Rowan was in the process of removing her things when she paused at sensing a stare. She glanced over at Xeno, who was staring crossed eyed at her with his blue eyes. He was an eccentric-looking wizard with shoulder-length hair that had the texture of candyfloss. "Xeno, can I help you?"

"Ah, belated congratulations on your betrothal to James Potter," Xeno sincerely said. "I am certain that you will both be very happy."

The blond-haired girl with aqua-colored eyes apologetically flashes Rowan an apologetic glance at her boyfriend's thoughtless words. "Xeno darling," Pandora said, "It's a marital alliance rather than a courting betrothal."

"Eh?" Xeno blinked and scratched his scruffy unshaven chin. "No, that can't be right," he resolutely said. "I was performing a divination last night and the Wrackspurt's attempted to divert my attention, but I defeated them with positive energy. And I found that the tenth house would align with Saturn, garnets for rebirth, and carnations for love. I am certain that they are a prophesied love match."

"Right," Rowan said sharing a dubious glance with Andrew.

"Well, I hope that your prediction comes true, Xeno," Andrew politely said earning a scathing look from Rowan. "What?" He silently mouthed at her.

Rowan snorts and shakes her head as Professor Manzil Snipe entered the classroom. He was a rather short wizard only taller than Professor Flitwick by two heads. His hair is sleeked back, and he has a sharp hooked nose. His sly-looking eyes survey the room, before settling down at the front of the class.

"Welcome students," Professor Snipe said in gobbledegook. "May smooth fortunes have been upon you." The students in turn correctly replied to much of his approval.

"I am pleased to say, but most of you are readily proficient," Professor Snipe said. "As previously mentioned, an official test will be held by Gringotts and Members of the Goblin Liaison office. After continual ongoing discussions with the Hogwarts's Board and the Ministry of Magic, grade levels of proficiency have been determined and you have been found to have met them." A murmur of surprise is heard in the classroom as Rowan and her friends glance at each other at the abrupt announcement.

With the alliance of the Ministry of Magic with that of the Goblins, Hags, and Trolls, there was a sudden need and growth for Ministry officials to be fluent in any one of the three magical creature languages. The Goblin Liaison office like the other three offices was urgently recruiting employees. As such, with the first generation of 7th years about to graduate from the class, the Ministry of Magic was eager to persuade them into joining their ranks.

Motioning for them to quiet down, Professor Snipe continues, "Should any student pass this year's examinations, they will have no further need to take this course for those remaining still at Hogwarts. And far more importantly applicable to even for those graduating, the passing examines will be viewed as adopted honorary members of the Goblin community."

Several students perk up at the news including Regulus Black. Any pureblood that acquired such a title from the goblin community would be entitled to discounts at Gringotts for various services, especially contracts. Furthermore, they even are able to purchase select services that goblins rarely provided to witches and wizards except for an exorbitant sum, but more than fairly granted to their own goblin community.

Professor Snipe's sly-looking eyes solemnly surveyed them. "However," he sternly warned, "by accepting to take the exam and becoming an honorary member of the Goblin community, you will be expected to honor and respect the ancient goblin ways." His face is rather grave underling the importance of the last fact.

Professor Snipe softens as he says, "Now should you elect not to participate in the final examinations, you may continue to remain as part of the class or even depart in an amicable manner from the class. For those who feel that they lack confidence in their skills, I can assure you that any student that has reached this level will be permitted to retake the exam until their departure from Hogwarts."

"Although for those that become honorary goblin member's," Professor Snipe cleverly said, "and still remain at Hogwarts, they will be requested to take an additional course on goblin customs and proper etiquette." An audible collective groan is heard from the students including Rowan, who thought she could finally graduate from taking the course.

"Are there any more questions?" Professor Snipe asked. A barrage of questions immediately followed, and Professor Snipe patiently answered one by one. With over half of the class period over, in a rare gesture, Professor Snipe permits them to self-study in small groups.

Under the cover of chatter, Rowan glances at her friend, Xenophilius Lovegood. She knew that once Xeno graduated from Hogwarts, he planned to open the Quibbler. And truthfully, she didn't mind her friend's dream, but that wouldn't pay the bills.

Subtly clearing her throat, Rowan asks, "Xeno, are you still planning to open the Quibbler?"

"Of course!" Xeno passionately declared. "It is my dream to inform the masses of the truth the Ministry of Magic has hidden all along!"

Pandora sighs dreamily at her boyfriend and parrots, "Of course, the masses need to know the truth!"

Andrew makes a gagging sound at the cloy affections of the two. Rowan refrains from rolling her eyes and glares at him. "As if you and Petunia are any better!" At least, Andrew has the grace to flush in embarrassment.

Clearing her throat, Rowan interrupts Xeno's emboldened speech. "I am glad that you are taking such a course of action, Xeno, but shouldn't you get down in the midst of the Ministry of Magic? I mean if you pass the exams, you are eligible to work for the Goblin Liaison Office. Not only will you be able to scoop out any secret dealings, but you will make a powerful ally out of the goblins!"

Xeno frowns and purses his lips making him look like a cross-eyed Persian cat.

"That's right darling!" Pandora excitedly said. "I fear that the Ministry will try to censor the truth forever, but in this manner, you will have the power to defend against the powers that oppress us!"

"That's right!" Xeno's blue eyes shook in shock, before taking his girlfriend's hands into his own and kissing them. The two of them mumble sweet nothing's to each other lost entirely in their own little word.

Rowan shudders at their nauseating display of affection only to find Andrew darkly glaring at her. "You owe me," he huffed, before pointedly turning his back at her.

Rowan shrugs to herself. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But at least, Xeno would now have a steady form of income and would still have plenty of time to write in the Quibbler on the weekend. And that would be a far better future for the unborn Luna Lovegood.

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