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What is A'void dark

A'void dark is a popular web novel written by the author SacredDream, covering WEAKTOSTRONG, FANTASY, MAGIC, ACTION, MALELEAD, ADVENTURE, PSYCHOLOGICAL, MEDIEVAL, SLOWGROWTHATSTART, HARDTIMES, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 260.5K readers with an average rating of 4.63/5 and 15 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 197 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In a world where power is everything. A young boy named Hayden was rejected by its one and only law. Power. He was the only one blessed with nothing... but what if that weren't the case? He will set out on a path… a path of conquest to scatter the despair created by the world's lack of 'humanity'.

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Writing Quality: High quality. No noticeable error that could affect the flow of the story. 5/5 Updating Stability: Can't complain much about this since there are tons of chapters released. And knowing the intense stress that comes with writing, I commend the author. 5/5 Story Development: The story is about the MC, Hayden, who was transmigrated into a different world of fantasy. Right from the prologue, the game progresses in a great way. No deviation from the plot. 5/5 Character Design: The characters are well planned out and designed. Especially that of Hayden. Well made. 5/5 World Background: The world is well built. It's based on an amazing transmigration fantasy. Overall: A well written novel. 5/5


Any romance?


its a bit slow on how the story progresses as even a good thirty chapters in and the mc is as weak as in the beginning with only hints that it might change but all in all an excellent read


This is once again another author that likes to promote his own novel but I felt that after such a long time it's necessary to write it. Simply put, this is going to be a long story. Many genres will collide with one another during the entire story, therefore, the tags about are not enough. Second thing, it's slow a slow-paced story which might be discouraging at times. The world is made to be somewhat believable but still to the point in which word fantasy is a good explanation of the story. It's quite dark at times. As shameless as I am when writing this, I won't spoiler any story but for the people that like long stories with a lot of thoughts behind most lines and things. This is a story for you, as I said, this will be a long story. Some parts will be worse than others. While reading, remember the age of the MC.


The plot doesn't add up, the mc shouldn't be able to trust anyone due to all the things he's been true, he doesn't even want revenge, he just shouts and give up everytime...


A unique take on the genre! I gotta say I'm impressed with the talent and skills of the author! With more experience, he will grow up becoming a great author! I love it! Kudos and may your novel prosper! .......from review swap thread.


I just read the first five chapters and I love it already!!!! I can't wait to read more chapters[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Aye this is a great book indeed! :D First off, the writing is great! I love how dark it is hehe! This book has a hundred chaps out already, so that is definitely a plus point! :D It started off a bit slow, but I guess it's a pretty common thing, so it okie hehe! Great job, author! <3


Very well written and spaced. But pretty dark! Wow it is dark lol, you definitely have a talent for writing! I only have time for a few chapters tonight but I will be returning for more! Great job Author!


Awesome! The descriptions were easy to understand. Characters are well created. My review might be biased though since this also has one of my favorite genre. All in all a nice read. Looking forward to more of your chapters


First, this story has a hundred chapters which is great for binge reading. The narratives were also clear and can be portrayed easily by the readers. The characters descriptions and dialogues were well-written. You could clearly sympathize with the mc's emotions, sufferings and adventures. Overall this book is great read and addition to my collections. Greatly recommended to those who love dark medieval fantasy. Great work author.


Really well-written story. Here the author is in no rush, just going about his business to slowly set up the characters and the fictional world they inhabit. I like how the protagonist has lost his memory so it seems like the reader is slowly but surely making sense of this new world alongside him. Some interesting powers on display in the early chapters and i am looking forward to seeing how these are incorporated into the plot in the coming installments. The protagonist is an interesting character who is mostly shrouded in mystery. Even he himself does not know who he is. The writing quality in this one is high. Prose is nice, efficient and easy to read. Excellent quality work of fiction so far.


Already loved this novel! The pacing is slow but I do have a sweet spot for slow pacing as it gives us more description, plus this book is a dark fantasy too! One of my favorite types of genre. Your writing quality is quite nice, I must say. Overall: I think I'm gonna love reading this! :D


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