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What is A'L'O'N'E

Read ‘A'L'O'N'E’ Online for Free, written by the author Roxanne015, This book is a Teen Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Otome Game: I, The Heroine Will Be Your Savior! (GL)

A streamer who had thousands of fans in Japan, who loved otome games, reviews them posting online and making a living out of streaming. One day one of her fans sent her a very horrible rated otome game but since she was curious and it was her passion to rate every otome game that ever existed, she downloaded it and played it for the whole day. "What the heck?! All the love interests are horrible on this game?!" The production company who made the game, [Love Lily Blossom Otome Game]. Such a long name by the way, made all the love interest have some sort of distorted personality and even if the heroine does end up with one of them, she'll be either locked in the love interest's mansion, exiled, or will be the love interest's slave?! Only the villainess was the only sensible one but even she got the worst ending too for being engaged with the crown prince- and dying at every route she's on. "The author of this game is... psychotic. Why invest a Millions of Yen in a game like this? I wish I could save the Villainess myself." One day, she suddenly dies and realizes she's not in her own body anymore. She was being pinned down by the Villainess in the wall proceeding to threaten her. "If you don't leave the crown prince alone. I'll have no choice but to use other ways to shut you up." she says coldly, glaring at the cowering girl. Well that was the Villainess thought but the former streamer was just so confused and excited she couldn't help but shout- "I-I'm the Heroine of Love Lily Bloom?!" The Villainess looked at her weirdly once the Heroine was eyed leveled with her gaze. Those pupils dilated and seemed to have formed heart shapes irises. "You-! I'm going to save you!" I, The Heroine Will Be Your Savior! November 2021: First Idea Made. April 28, 2022: Revised. Cover Artist 2022: Sage Auger Cover Artist 2023: Myka

Zerin_Lee · LGBT+
70 Chs


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