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This story is about Sam a boy who got reborn in his favorite video game world with only his clothes(dont ask how i just didn't want our mc to be naked). Let us begin with his adventure... hope you like my novel i didn't see any minecraft related novels so i wanted to try this. xD pls review and myb give me some powerstones... pretty please

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It's a story about the fat guy from YouTube screaming: "Get the f*** out of my room, I'm playing Minecraft!" After being distracted, he was killed by other players and his house was plundered (ingame). He then raged and died of heart attack. Now, the child has transmigrated into his most favourite game.


Hi, hope you like my novel this is the first time i writing if you have some tips or recommendations pls do tell me. I will try to do a normal not so op mc there will not be any s*x scene(because i dont know how to do it if you want to write it for me pls do tell me) but there will be *** and he will have children if the story goes to that point. All i want is the mc to have a relaxing life with no herobrine... im joking there will probably be some herobrine actions btw whats a good name for a witch(she will not be evil so pls give a cute name) thats all good bye


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When is it going to start? I would really like to read this story. Is the mc going to be in ******** mode and to revive hell have to have a child or something?


I really like this novel its different to all the fan fics that are out there. I'm also very interested to see how the mechanics work in this Minecraft world. But for me there is to little detail to characters and mobs so far but thats just me other than that this is really good. I hope you can continue to release more chapters i n the future


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