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Status: c0
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1 year ago
Status: c0
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Website : qidian china
Views : 32.67million
Rating : 9.2 (1328)
Chapters : 765
Rank : 20
Status : ongoing 
Word count : 2.19million
author level : 5
No of works : 2
Disscussion : 26006
Year started : 2017
Chinese title : 超神机械师

One of the most popular novels in qidian right now
1 year ago
Status: c15
Editor review. Hey guys, glad to see this novel finally published :D It's been in the works for over a year now, but due to a few changes of translators, it'll been constantly delayed. 
When we lost the first translator, I specifically requested to stay on this project because I enjoy the story so much. So, obviously, I'm a big fan of the story. The MC has some heartfelt moments, some hilarious moments (the 'Spicy.' in one of the early chapters killed me), and some smart/scheming moments, which is pretty much all I ask for in a novel :D
If you have any questions or notice any errors or inconsistencies (they're inevitable, especially with a change of translator midway), feel free to reply here or message me on Discord. My ID is millman97#8008.
1 year ago
Status: c15
nice litRPG theme novel, realistic stories, plot encounter, dramatic spices all of this blend perfectly... better than other brain dead MC with same genre, I thought this is not Chinese novel more like Korean novel, but after my "dream" "wakes up" by some BS illogical author, I now know how to spend my stone~
1 year ago
Status: c15
This is another transmigration into a role-playing video game where the MC knows what will happen in the future. The twist is the MC transmigrate as an NPC that can also level up and learn skills like a player. It is still unclear if players will be introduced into the story or how smart the MC is at utilizing his foresight, but so far, it's not a bad story. No face slapping, stuck-up girl or young master in the first 15 chapters.
1 year ago
Status: c88
Story was quite good until 80+ chapters. After that, MC started to develop complex of god and author started to cover loopholes in story.
In this novel was stated that this world is real and MC was believing in it, but, at some point, he started to treat NPC just as XP and after some analyzes, I believe he has quite serious mental issues.
Some readers believe that officers are "arrogant idiot", orders and regulations were incorrect and stuff that MC did is fine. But such readers are looking at situations only from POV of MC, and does not look beyond what author shows them.
If we analyze this novel from POV of real life army and other characters, we can see that MC is very stupid, immature and a psycho.
I love smart MC, and I am fine with him being a psycho, but when you show that some random gamer with average talent is smarter than all officers, government, etc... It is a completely different story... 
Basically, in my opinion, author does not understand real life.
1 year ago
Status: c89

But it went premium. 
I am poor. 

These two things go together as well as Han Xiao and Germinal. T_T 

Anyway, this is an amazing story, and give the first 89 free chapters a go if you are poor like me. Chapters are short, but overall this is a very enjoyable novel. Don’t hold a grudge for the short chapters.
1 year ago
Status: c81
Somewhat Disappointing, it has a fantastic beginning and really kick ass MC... for the first few chapters, after that the characters become increasingly 2d, and disposable, a great deal of face slapping and MC pride mongering ensues, there are some funny moments and a couple slightly thought provoking ones...but it leaves you with the feeling of bait and switch, which is really frustrating and makes you feel robbed. Don't get me wrong, its not a bad story, but it feels like a scifi with all the tropes of a wuxia novel, So much potential in this story feels like it has been wasted, and a lot of it feels like it is first sucked out of the authors thumb, and then given shallow justifications as to why and how it is happening.
1 year ago
Status: c24
The whole writing is a mess. Logic is non-existent and there's no consistency. Main character loses past life's memories but still remembers a lot of things when it's convenient for the author, while at other times he murders without blinking cause he doesn't remember. Just no.
1 year ago
Status: c15
So far I love the start and can tell there is a ton of potential. The only downside is the 7chapters/week release......................................
1 year ago
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