1 Chapter 1:

I wake up at 6 and grab a towel. I walk out of my room and into the dimly lit bathroom. I braced my eyes for the brightness change. I flipped on the light. My eyes adjusted and I looked in the mirror. There was something or someone behind me. I squinted to get a closer look. It looked like a masked figure. A dark black cloak with the hood are over the head. A white mask. It had a rose on the forehead and the vine winding down the left side of the mask. I rub my eyes and the figure is gone.

What the hell? Where did the masked figure go. I shrugged my shoulders. I pull down the toilet cover. I them placed my towel on top. I took off my glasses. I undressed and hopped in the shower. I began to hum a song as I washed my hair. I somehow got shampoo in my eyes. I reached for my towel.

Grabbing at air. I felt my towel. I gripped it. But I felt something else as well. It felt like a scaly leather glove or hand. I press my eyes hard against the towel. I blink a few times and press a few more times. I then look around. No one.

Was my mind playing tricks on me? No, that can not be. I put the towel back and finished. I wrapped the towel tightly around my waist. I bent down and grabbed my clothes. I then walked past the mirror. I saw the masked figure. I turn around quickly but no one was there. I sigh and murmur to myself, "You are losing it Deejay."

I put on my glasses. They steamed up because of the heat from my shower. I sigh and open the bathroom door. The cold air hit my body and a shiver went down my spine. I then walked to my room. I grabbed my clothes and changed.

I walked back into the bathroom. I was brushing my hair when someone banged in the door. I sighed and opened it. My little brother Silver pushed me. He quickly pulled down his pants and peed. I laughed. He was adorable. He finished and wiped his little butt. He then hugged my leg and said, "Jay guess what?!"

I knew what he was going to say. I said, "What is it Silver?"

He giggled excitedly and said, "It is my birthday."

He then did a little wiggle dance. I laughed. I said, "How old are you now Silver?"

He held up his left hand. He had the other one tucked behind his back. I said, "A whole hand?! I am so impressed Silver!"

He giggled excitedly. I finished putting my hair into two braids. I ket him wash his hands. When he was done, he grabbed my hand and lead me to the kitchen. Mom had already left for work.

I pulled out a pan and said, "Do you want pancakes or waffles birthday boy?"

He giggled at the thought of being the birthday boy. He said, "Pancakes."

I nodded. I pulled out the powder. I did as the instructions told me. I mixed it up well and poured some into circles. I waited until they finished bubbling. I flipped them. I finished up the pancake. I put it on a plate and started to make another one. He ate it quickly.

I finished making the pancakes. I bagged the leftovers and put then in the fridge. I said, "Go put your shoes on. Let's go to school."

Silver nodded. He took off in a small run and was saying "Zoom" the entire time. I smile at him. He came back and had his black and white checkered backpack on. He grabbed my hand and we began to walk to the door. I grabbed the keys the house. The wicker basket creaked a little. I sigh and said, "I think we should replace the basket."

We left and walked to Silvers school. We waited at the gate for it to open. Silver looked anxious. I reached and put my hands and hooked them under his armpits. I lifted him up. He wrapped his legs around my waist. I said, "What is wrong Silver?"

Silver said, "What if my friends do not like me now that I am older?"

I laughed and said, "I am sure they will like you the same. Maybe even more. You are still the youngest of the group. That will never change."

He nodded. He hugged me and said, "Thanks Jay."

I hugged him back. Backpack and all. I put him down and he rocked on his heels waiting for the gate to open.The gate finally opened 5 minutes later. He walked in and he spun on his heel. He said, "Bye Jay. See you after school."

I waved to him. He then set his backpack down and began to play on the playground. I left and went back home. I checked the mail. We got a few things.

I walked back inside. I closed and locked the door. I tossed the keys back inside the wicker basket. I then sat down and checked the mail. One was bill. I nodded at it and set it down. Another bill. I placed it with the other. Then one caught my eye.

It was addressed to me. I looked at it curiously. I decided to open it. It said....

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