7 Not-so-deadly sins
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7 Not-so-deadly sins


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What is 7 Not-so-deadly sins

7 Not-so-deadly sins is a popular web novel written by the author MistressUnderworld, covering REINCARNATION, ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, SUPERNATURAL, FANTASY-ACTION, FANTASY-ADVENTURE, MAGIC-AND-WEAPONS, TEEN-DRAMA, SUPERNATURAL ABILITIES, DEMON-HUMAN WAR, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 108K readers with an average rating of 4.43/5 and 14 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 97 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A group of rebellious and unique teenagers were dragged into an action-filled story as an evil presence threatened the balance of the world. Their youngest member's mysterious past had finally caught up to her as a cycle of curse repeated itself. Follow The Sins as they were forced to walk on the path of righteousness.

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Surprisingly good story we got here! The world and the characters are quite interesting, the way things are described is also really well done too. overall quite the good story you got here Author! By the way correct me if Im wrong, but some of the titles of the chapters were references about songs and or pop culture, thats really cool!


I absolutely love this story, and the way sins act and their relationship is amazing, I want this story to see high praise for it is a masterpiece




I liked the way the story is narrated. The way the story goes on and the way it is presented, it gives a feel of mistery, fitting for a title that the author used. All things considered it's a great story.


"7 Not-so-deadly sins" is an exciting action and crime (sin) novel with a unique plot. However, since I liked the concept quite well, I will give an honest review. Points to improve on: - It's confusing. First off, the main characters are portrayed with names from the actual seven deadly sins. Imagine a person named, "Gluttony". Would you immediately imagine him/her as a guy/girl? The first chapter was especially confusing because very little had been given about the characters' appearances. - Naming your characters as the sins is an ingenious move, but it's hard to follow up. From the start, the actions and words of each of the sins must coincide with their name. For one thing, I felt no pride from Pride, and felt no lust from Lust. It was also hinted that Sloth was the one doing some things and shouting for help? It's just my opinion, but characterization needs more improvement, especially with a concept like this. - It was too fast paced. Rather, the actions were conveyed in a manner that didn't make much sense. If the author wanted the readers to like the characters, then that would be a problem, because all I saw was chaos and confusion and little character descriptions. Points I liked: - It is definitely a unique story! I already get the kind of vibe the author wanted in writing this, but sadly, the writing of it still needs improvement. To be frank, if this was more polished, I would easily imagine it as a Netflix series or so. Unfortunately, it needs more work. To conclude, it's a really interesting read with satisfying quality. The concept the author chose was a hard one to live up to and that's why I might have been too harsh in my criticisms. But, by all means, it is a great story. Pick it up and read it now!


Your story contains the perfect amount of romance and supernatural. Nothing is what it seems and I love that. Good characters and excellent plot development. Congratulations!


I like these type of stories and yours really hooked me from the start. The way you narrate things is on my liking, keep it up! The characters are well designed and the plot is interesting. Aside from some edits here and there this is good work!


The story is very engaging. What made it more awesome were the character development and the world that is created. I am looking forward to read more and waiting for more updates... Please keep writing ...


With all the character names I'm constantly reminded of FMA, haha. Pretty good so far. Writing quality is pretty good, though there are some errors here and there as well as places that could be smoothed out. I really like seeing everyone's interactions; it's quite realistic for siblings. Keep writing author!


Hello Mistress! I love the characters and the overall idea of your novel. The title of the chaps so nice hehe. I love how the story goes, I have read 3 chapters but it already gave me a feeling that I've read it in the past tho, maybe it's because of the characters names, I'm an otaku(´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) Anyways, keep writing! And keep updating!


Author, your story is certainly creative. The plot is very refreshing and the writing quality is excellent. The descriptions are very clear and easy to follow. The characters are very interesting, they surely had a unique personality and that's quite catchy. Wrath is so cool! Keep up the good work![img=recommend]


This is awesome! Rather than a novel, it has the taste of a paper book. The characters are lovely, and the whole idea is unique. Sometimes it sounds childish, sometimes it's almost biblical. Keep it up, this is a gem!


An Interesting Story. The writing quality and story development are good. The character and their personalities are memorable because of the clever use of their names. The world seems interesting. Well done.


The story is well written with a unique setting, characters, and drama. There's a lot of evocative imagery which builds the atmosphere really well as well.


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