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Reincarnation.... A word every single one of the novel readers stumbled upon atleast once... Most of the times the person wishes for reincarnated into his/her favourite anime world or novel world..... Almost everyone wants to be reincarnated as a genius with their own perks or wishes given by a god...... But What if a person who was forcefully reincarnated to a cruel world of cultivation into a body of crippled young master..... The problem is he doesn't have any Godly encounter..... may be.... But our Mc has a habit of extreme face slapping.... Let's join him to be a witness of his legend.... He will let us know what is pleasure........... Disclaimer:- The Mc will be op and shameless but he won't be strong enough to kill anyone with in first 5-10 chapters..... His progress will be at a moderate pace..... The main theme of this novel will be always CULTIVATION and ADVENTURE. This novel is about cultivation and henta*, so read if you are a perverted reader like me or get out of here...... It is not for them who hates incest or harem, so read if you like the above genres.... This is my original novel... All the characters may appear in this novel are fictional only. All the resemblance with the names of characters or places or treasures are only coincidence... So please don't take it to heart and just enjoy the ride.... Cover is not mine, i just downloaded it from internet. So if the original creater wanted to me to take it down i will change the cover.... Children under age of 17 is a big no.... Sub Tags:- Ruthless Protagonist,Incest, Rap*, Goddesses, Charismatic Protagonist, Perverted Mc, Harem Seeking Protagonist, Extreme Violence, SMUT


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