1 6.5 miles near her

3:20 AM.

I had explored the entirety of the 64 square kilometer of Erangel and had eliminated 10 enemies.

I just can't fall asleep after I woke up at 12:59 AM. I only got 2 hours and 30 minutes sleep.

I thought exploring Erangel and getting the Chicken Dinner would sufficef to exhaust me, and thus, making it easier for me to go back to sleep again.

Hmm... maybe, I couldn't fall asleep because I didn't got that Chicken Dinner.


Just a hug from her would suffice. Sleeping beside her could give me a good, night, sleep.

I really miss her right now. And, every single place in Erangel reminds me of our battles together.

Ferry Pier; the place where we dropped on our first game together. She was with two guys, and am not sure that time if those people are her friends or classmates, I tried to show off my skills as the battlefield veteran but, I failed.

I heard footsteps, one of us got knocked.

"Aray!" he cried, and I came to him in rescue. Good thing he have common sense and crawled near a tree.

Common mistakes of newbie PUBG players when they got knocked is they stay still instead of getting cover. Seems like these kids aren't noobs at all.

He got cover, so, I waited for the enemy to show up and finish our teammate, and eliminate him.

Just as I expected it. The enemy thought our teammate was left alone and went near him. Good thing I got an assault rifle equipped, AKM.

Just as the enemy exposed himself, I open fired and knocked him down.

Knocked?! I yelled silently in my head.

"Don't move, I'll revive you." I said.

"Buhat nanaman!" says the guy I am reviving (Translates: I'm being carried again in this game).

I successfully revived him and he immediately fall back. I stay at the exact place I revived him, which is a huge mistake for me.

I waited for the enemy to show up once again. My arrogance devoured me.

The enemies attacked all at once, they are a full squad. 4 man ran towards me all at once. I got no choice but to engage this son of a bitches and hope that she and our teammates will come to back me up.

"1 squad near me, I will engage!" I shot one of the enemy and knocked 'em down. That's one man down, three more to go.

But, the other three focused their fire at me and thus, eliminating me.

"Tsk!" Damn it! I missed the chance to show off.

I spectated them, but, they are also wiped out but eliminated one of the enemy's team member.

They were all laughing and playfully grieve. I was about to say one more game. But they all said they will go.


Once again, I was left alone...

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In the battlefield...

I messed up my only chance to impress her.

Ahhh, those times. Our first battle together was an epic fail.

But now, who would have thought that she is my reliable partner in the battlegrounds?

*Sigh* if it weren't for this COVID19 Pandemic, we could have see each other at least 2 to 4 times week, teaching her Calculus, Circuits and other Engineering stuffs.

I miss her.


3:53 AM.

When will this pandemic end?

No one expected this to happen.

I hope the frontliners are okay. I hope the COVID patients aren't losing hope. I hope those who died because of COVID rest in peace.

Graduation got delayed.

Everything got delayed.

This whole shinanigans of the COVID19 pandemic really got the heck out of everyone.

This thoughts are surging in my mind right now. But, knowing that I am 6.5 miles away near her somehow makes me felt relieve.

The battlegrounds is our only option to meet each other (at least virtually though). Facebook messenger is also our means of communication allowing us, to hear and to see each other.

I am 6.5 miles away from her...


When the moment I got the chance...

To be an inch near her...

I wouldn't hesitate to do the things I haven't done to make her feel special, to make her feel loved.

I got the chance to make her feel more than she deserves but... I messed it up and missed the chance.

4:16 AM.

I feel... Ughh... I am, 6.5 miles near her... Quezon City... Makati... I want... Her... I wish... She's... Doing fine...

"..!" snore~