3 Torture

Izumi was abducted by demons. He didn't know that the vice-principal is a demon. Izumi woke up in the demon's kingdom. When he woke up, he saw himself sitting on a chair while his hands were tied to the chair with chains. The facility room is stinky, dirty, there are bones and corpses here, and there are no people around there except himself. Izumi was thinking about how to escape, but he is powerless. He didn't know what to do. He always thought that the police could save him but he has no idea that he is in another dimension (Another world).

Kroah and his subordinates paid a visit to Izumi.

The reason why they visited Izumi was to give him some food and drinks. But that's not their purpose here, their real intention is to talk to Izumi. They want to ask him some questions that will help them invade the world. A question about what humans want. The demon king ordered Kroah to torture him if he didn't talk.

“Ohh… it looks like you have woken up. Here. We decided to give you some food and water. Eat. So that you won’t get hungry later.”

Kroah said with a badass voice while putting the plate on Izumi’s lap.

“You think… I will eat this food? Don’t make me laugh, crazy bastard.”

He replied while looking at Kroah’s eyes with a badass look. He’s not afraid of death anymore.

“Hoh… You dare to talk back to me?”

He said calmly.

He punched Izumi as strong as a rock. Izumi vomited blood because of the strong impact. His head fell after being punched.*

*Figures of speech. It’s like having a headache or head pain sometimes can be difficult to describe, but some common symptoms include throbbing, squeezing, constant, unrelenting, or intermittent. Izumi is tied by chains here, that's why he didn’t collapse. Sorry for the bad explanation.*

“There… you feeling’ alive now?”

Kroah said with a badass voice while grabbing Izumi’s hair.

Izumi glares at him.

“This is a pain in the ass. Untie him. I will torture him now.”

Kroah ordered his fellow demons.

The demons did what Kroah said. After untying Izumi, Kroah suddenly kicked him. After that, Kroah grabbed Izumi’s collar and said:

“I still have some time to enjoy your flesh. Prepare for trouble, Izumi.”

He said while kicking his eggs.*

*Do you know that? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

Kazuki endured the pain. It hurts but he needs to endure it because it’s just the beginning.

“Wh-Who are you people?”

He said while enduring the pain.

“Ohh… Us? Nothing special, really. We are demons. Lurking in the dark. Waiting for the right time to rise.”

Kroah replied with a serious voice. He kicks him in the stomach and to the face.

Kazuki vomited blood again because of the strong impact.

“Is my kick too strong for you to handle?”

He said while looking at Izumi with a dead look.

"Do you think this is enough to kill me?"

He said while looking back at Kroah.

Kroah is pissed.

“I don’t like that face of yours since the beginning.”

He said while kicking him 7x.

The Demon King entered the facility along with his subordinates. Demon King; Kevin Josh.

“Looks like we have a nice show here.”

Kevin Josh said with a smile.

Kroah and the others kneeled to the demon lord and ask for forgiveness for what they’ve done.

“My lord, I am very sorry for what I have done. I will accept the punishment for my crime.”

Kroah said nervously.

“There’s no need for that. Anyway, good job! Look at him… he was beaten to a pulp.”

Kevin replied with a soft voice while laughing and pointing his hands to Izumi.

“It’s my pleasure, my lord.”

Kroah said while standing.

Kevin approached Izumi and talked to him.

“Look at you, Izumi. You were half killed by a demon.”

He said while grabbing Izumi’s hair.

Izumi was about to lose his consciousness here.

“Help… me. Please…”

Izumi said with almost no voice and looking at the ceiling of the facility room.

“Hmm?... What’s that? Did you say something?”

The demon king asked with a smile on his face. After he said this, He kicked Izumi as strong as he could. Izumi flew away.

“You know what? I don’t like humans ordering us demons. So, I guess you should shut your mouth.”

He said with a badass voice while bringing Izumi to the chair.

“Tie him up again. We’ll start the fun now.”

He said.

Izumi is tired, it's as if he wants to die. But he can not give up yet. He doesn’t have the will to die yet.

“Who… are you… people?”

He asked with almost no voice.

“Ohh… you talked. Hmm… Let me give you a hint to your question. I’m your old classmate.”

Kevin replied with a badass voice.

“That’s not… the answer to my question… bastard!”

He said while looking at Kevin’s eyes slowly.

“Did you remember your elementary days? The one who bullied you, Izumi.”

He replied while looking back at Izumi.

Izumi thought about it for 10 seconds. Until he remembered it. The reason why his classmates don't like him. The reason why his life is like hell. Yes… It’s Kevin Josh.

“Bastard! Tell me the reason why you became a demon!!!”

He said with an angry voice. He wants to punch him but he is tied in the chair.

Kevin stepped back.

“Hoh… Hahaha… You scared me there, Izumi. Looks like you remembered me. Do you remember those days? Those vivid days?”

He asked like a crazy man. It’s as if he’s joking.

“I thought you died! Why are you alive?! Where're the people that you have killed?! Bring them back!”

He’s very angry at Kevin's smile.


“You can’t bring a dead person back to life. If you want… Why not join them? Hahaha… So that you can meet them in the afterlife. Ohh… Besides, I’m a demon. I disguise myself as a child so that I can eat fresh human flesh. The younger the better, Izumi.”

He said while laughing. He snapped his finger so that they could start the experiment.


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“Bastard! I’ll bring you with me to hell!”

He glared at Kevin while smiling. as he spat the blood out of his mouth.

“That is… if you survive my game, Izumi. The game is called "Torture with a smile". If you survive you can escape, but, If you scream nor say "stop it, please" you lose, we will make you a demon. Do you agree with me, my friend?”

He bowed to Izumi to show his respect.


“Bastard! Bring it on!”

He replied while smiling from excitement.

He didn't know that this is miserable Torture. They will rip off his nails, burn his skin, break his bones, put a centipede in his ears, and the final torture is, the demons will eat half of his body. Of course, for Izumi to survive, they will put a potion on him. This potion is capable of keeping him alive for 1 month, but he can still feel the pain.

Izumi endured the pain for 6 days.

On the last day, the demons decided to put a centipede on his ears and they eat the lower part of his body. Izumi was scared and nervous. He didn’t know what to do. He keeps untying his hands in the chair and escapes. The pain of Izumi can’t carve his face. He’s very restless in the chair because of the pain.

“S-Stop it! Please! I’m begging you… s-spare me!”

He said while screaming from pain.

A few minutes later…

The demons are done eating him and Izumi fell asleep because of the torture. The floor was full of blood. Kevin decided to put an end to this torture so that they could start the experiment.

Kevin called Ichinoze. Ichinoze is a scientist. She’s in charge of experiments.

“Call me if you’re done experimenting here, Ichinoze.”

He said while leaving the room along with the demons.


“Yes, sir!”

She bowed to the king to show her respect.

"Wake up, Boy."

She said while putting on gloves.

Izumi was awake but he could not move due to the pain.

“Look at you, you poor boy. Your body is a mess. You lose too much blood and here you are, hoping for a good ending in your life.”

She came closer to Izumi.

“I… didn’t wish… for a tragedy… life. Why… am I still alive?...”

He said with almost no voice. He wants to die now.


“It’s because you don’t have a will to die. Life is never fair. I’m sure you’re well aware of that.”

She replied while cleaning Izumi’s arm so that she could inject him with a painkiller.


“Why… Won’t you guys… just let me die… in peace?!..." He asked as he loses his conciuesness.

“Stop pitying yourself. Pity yourself, and life becomes an endless nightmare. Death is endlessly consumed by man in cities and literature. It is a singular event in one’s life that none may reverse. Any last word, boy?”

She is ready to inject the painkiller into Izumi.

“Kill me... please! This is… my only request… Please… I want to end my suffering..." He asked this favor while crying.

“I see. You choose to be hurt, so as not to hurt others. This is not kindness, but rather, it is cowardice. Well then, I shall grant your wish...”

She said while injecting the painkiller to Izumi.


“Thank… you.” He said this while crying and fainting. He lost his consciousness while smiling.

Ichinoze injected the painkiller into Izumi. She did not follow Izumi's wishes. After that, she injected him the no. 5th demon drug (1 of the most powerful Bisectinator* among the demons.) The reason why she did this is that she teamed up with the Pyramid Feathers (A group of humans with abilities). She didn't tell this to anyone because once you cooperate with humans, it's considered a traitor.

*Bisectinator: a demon predator organ and functions as their weapon and claws. It can be a sword or a shield.*

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