55 Badass

“Th-this is impossible! Why are you still alive?!” The 2-star general looked behind him and he saw Izumi.

“Do you know what it feels like to be tortured by your own mind?” He replied with almost no voice.

His body was full of blood. He lost too much blood. He neglects his defense as if he was inviting enemies to approach him.

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“Mother… Father… Please, give me the kicks I need!” He voiced his thoughts and immediately dash to the 2-star general.

“He still has the guts to attack me?! Where is he?!” He panicky looks at his surroundings. The general can’t follow Izumi’s speed with his eyes.

"Sō nōdo!" Izumi took a deep breath as he is preparing to use a skill to finish this fight.

“Mizu no Sutairu…” Izumi voices his thoughts again.

(Water Style…)

“What is this? The air is vibrating?! What's going on?!” He isn't blinking his eyes anymore. He must be wary where Izumi’s at.

“Sanbyaku go-ju roku-i no Kata…” Izumi’s breathe has a vibration.

(356th Form…)

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