2 Abduction

*In the Demon Kingdom*

“Have any of you yet found what I desire?” he announced to his followers while a servant poured cherry coloured wine into his glass.

A voice, in excitement and respect, answered somewhere deep in the crowd, “Yes, my lord. We have been observing a boy for some days now.”

“I see…you better not fail me. Bring him here before the P.F. notice our actions, do whatever it takes.” He spoke in a soft voice, a softness that sent shivers up spines. His face carved with ones of thrill and joy.

His followers kneeled in respect before their Demon Lord, “Your wish is our command, my lord!” they chanted in chorus.

His followers left, except one. “Looks like everything went according to our plan. The mortal world will collapse and in its wake the demon empire will rise…This does warm my cold heart, Kikiki.”

The Demon King spent the rest of the dark night shivering in sheer excitement for the demon world was one vicious grasp away from becoming a reality.

*In the Human World*

*School 4pm*

Izumi was in the middle of preparing his bag to head off home when the vice-principal called him.

“Meet me in the backyard of the school, I need to have a speech with you. I’ll give you 5 mins to gather your things. I hope to see you soon.” He said in a rather stern face before leaving the room.

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In confusion, Izumi pondered over what it was he could have done wrong, but then remembered that he was a transfer student and so it may be because of that. He finished up and headed off in the direction of the backyard.

On his way, he heard some of the girls in his class whispering about the vice-principal. Izumi overhead them say that he comes from a criminal background, was involved in the W-721 plane crash where many passengers died, and is even a mafia boss. Izumi found this to be mildly absurd, nonetheless, it did linger in his mind for some time before he reached the back entrance of the school. This is where he found the truth.

The vice-principal, also known as Kroah, revealed himself to be a demon and he was posing in disguise as a human for someone by the name of ‘The Demon King.’

Izumi felt uneasy. He suspected that the demon standing in front of him wished him dead and fear struck his insides. He didn’t want to die and he knew if he resisted Aina’s life may also be threatened and he couldn’t risk that. And so, he decided to face the fate that was bestowed upon him.

No one else was around…Izumi observed the demon’s pockets to see if he had any weapons. He saw nothing.

“Why am I here?” He says, trying to bolster up enough courage to hold an entire conversation. He was also mentally preparing himself in case of attack.

“Oh good, you are here.” Said Kroah while observing Izumi. He lit up a cigarette and looked up at the sky, blowing a perfect circle of smoke into it.

“Look at the sky Izumi…Can you see the precious clouds? Look at the birds, the stupid things flying around here and there. No purpose in life, wasting their time and energy spent with their so-called family.” Voiced Kroah in complete disgust and bewilderment.

In confusion, Izumi asked, “I’m not sure if I understand what you mean.”

At this point, Kroah was still staring gazing until he said, “Oh nothing…I’m simply portraying your worthless existence.” His eyes locked hard onto Izumi’s, Izumi tried to shake them off but his fear took over and his heartbeat began to race.

“Instead of loving your parents, you cursed them, didn’t you? You cursed them to death…am I right?” he mused rhetorically.

Izumi, still suffocating in fear, asking, “What do you mean? How do you know that my parents are dead?”

“I mean it is true. You were living in hell, well until now anyway. You wish to be loved and cherished by everyone around you isn’t that right, Izumi? The demon began to circle closer, frightening Izumi all that more.

In retaliation, he screeched, “Don’t come near me killer! I know what you did and what you are! Touch me and you’re dead!”

“Bla bla bla, you’re a noisy brat aren’t you? I think it's time for you to sleep.” Within a split second, Kroah vanished and before Izumi could see where he went a fist was flying towards Izumi’s face.

Soon after, a portal opened and Kroah’s subordinates arrived from the reverse world where demons and modified humans lived together.

“Ensure there is no evidence of us kidnapping him.” Instructed one of the demons before he picked up the boy and opened up the Jietai Gate to go back to the Demon Kingdom.

*In the Demon Kingdom*

One of The Demon King’s followers informed him that Kroah and his companions succeeded in retrieving the boy. The King was elated and gathered an assembly to explain to them the idea behind his latest experiment.

Meanwhile, at home, Aina is growing ever more anxious. She thinks that Izumi is lost and perhaps doesn’t know his way back to their apartment.

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