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Chaos Era, a time between realities where reality and fantasy clashed, intertwined, and gave birth to the New Age. A time where no planet, race, or thing can be weak and outcasted, but rather a time where they strive to be the best and work together for not peace, but for the height of ones self. Ethan Will, an descendent of the Modern Races, is now facing a calamity of epic proportions...He’s lost! Lost in his will, lost in his emotions, lost in his power... he’s what people call Gods’ Children. Gods’ Children do not face discrimination, cruelty, or terror...the pure fact that they don’t have Origin Power is both a blessing and a curse. Our story start the day his parents and sister decide to leave for a new planet and dimension, as their bloodline can’t have a ‘cursed devils spawn’. But what secrets our young man has...no one one’s, yet!


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