1 Bad Memories

Bad luck. This is what you would describe Zayden. Simply bad luck. He was a magnet to all the bad luck in the world, mainly with girls. He had many ex-girlfriends in one year. All either cheated on him, simply just did not love him anymore or found someone new to love. This went on until he had three hundred and sixty-five ex-girlfriends, one ex for one day.

You ask, how does he find out so quickly? Well, he and his friends, Kain and Terry would set up a trap to find out if a girl was loyal to Zayden. Zayden would first pretend he was going to the toilet but was listening at the door. Kain and Terry would then flirt with the girl to see if she would fall for them. If the girl started flirting too or fell for either one of them, she would be deemed as a cheater. And this was what every single girl did.

He tried again and again to find his true lover and soulmate but has always been unsuccessful. After one year, he took a break on love.. He refused to look for someone no matter how many times his friends persuaded him. If this was not bad enough, he could not get over the shame of what happened previously. In his mind, he recounted the dreadful memory of Alina and Ally...

He had an ex-girlfriend named Ally. He broke up with her as she was a bully, and he did not want to date a bully. After that, she had no one left except her sister's shoulders to cry on. Ally was so upset with the sudden break up that she took her anger out on Zayden and started to bully him too. Everyone in the school was intimidated of Ally. Every day was the same, getting kicked, hit and punched by Ally, just like some kind of doll or punching bag.

After another day of Ally tormenting pitiful students, she went back home to tell her sister, Alina, news. They were going to hang out at a mall with a friend called Belle. But Alina was reluctant to go as Belle had just received her driver's license two weeks ago, and Alina was scared that they might get into an accident. But since Ally was so excited, Alina agreed.

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At the mall, they had tons of fun. But good times never last. While going back home, disaster struck. Alina was right. Belle had accidentally crashed the car into a tree. Alina and Belle survived, but Ally was not as lucky. She had crashed with so much impact that she had damaged her brain more than doctors could heal.

Alina and her mother were devastated. To represent Ally, Alina decided that she would enrol herself in Ally's school.

On her first day, Alina walked into school, with high hopes of making friends. But she had false hopes. Everyone thought Alina was Ally. This made it difficult for Alina to make friends. Everyone looks at Alina with disgust in their eyes. At that time, Zayden was still angry at what Alina did to him, so, along with other schoolmates started to bully Alina. This made Alina very sad and confused. Just then, a note taped onto her locker that read "Rooftop at five" caught her eye. Glancing at her watch, she saw that it was almost five! She scrambled up the stairs without thinking twice.

At the rooftop, everyone turned to look at Alina. Zayden said sarcastically, "Well, look who it is! How nice of you to join us, Ally!"

"I'm not Ally!" Alina cried, tears streaming down her face.

"Stop lying! Everyone can see that it's you!" Terrance snorted, noticing an inhaler dangling out of Alina's pocket. He stepped forward, and with a menacing smile, swiped the inhaler and threw it down the building. Alina's eyes widened in horror. She was in deep trouble! Alina cried even harder. Mucus accumulated in her airway, and she had an asthma attack. She was helpless without her inhaler. Her eyes started to flutter until it shut. Everyone screamed in horror.

Soon, she was at the hospital. There was bad news. Alina was in a coma. Everyone was full of regret. They had become as bad as Ally, or maybe even worse. Even the weather seemed to agree. Gloomy clouds "cried" for Alina. As the merciless rain beat down in torrents on Terrance, he sobbed, "I'm so sorry Alina!"

Ever since the incident, he was scarred for life. If he ever heard one word about the incident, tears would well up in his eyes, and he would start crying hysterically. He was deeply ashamed of his doings, but thankfully, Kain and Terry were still his friends. But without them, his life would be a disaster. He owed so much to the both of them. He was like the king, with Kain and Terry being the loyal and wise advisors. They were truly as stronger as one.

It was a few months since Zayden gave up, but as his loyal "advisors", they always tried to find people that matched Zayden and could be his soulmate. But all their efforts have gone to waste. But as Thomas Edison quoted, "I have not failed. I have just found ten thousand ways that would not work." That was the two's favourite quote, and they lived up to it. They all braved the darkest storms together, hand in hand.