8 The Titanium Brawl.

As she encircled him, he readjusted his body back to normal and attacked her with an inelegant snap-kick that would normally make any human fall to their knees as she did, but Helen tactically slid between his spaced-out legs and grabbed his metallic arms as she slammed him to the floor, trying to find something on his back. She gave me a look and then at the front door; I knew I had to figure a way to get myself out of there.

"I don't want to hurt you, get off of me!" He roared.

"You wish," said Helen.

His body bounced against the floor, causing Helen to lose grip over his solid hands and land to the floor. He pulled out a knife and cornered Helen, shoving his shining blade directly into her, scything off a massive chunk of her protective silicon skin. It revealed the underlying Titanium.

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I quickly tried to get myself out of the position by rolling out from below the table and using its support to stand back up. I spectated the Titanium brawl as I banged myself continually against the wall to get my behind out of the petite child's play-chair and succeeded, the only thing I had to do now was get rid of the wire holding my hands together from the back but I couldn't figure a way.

"So we're both made with the same compound, huh?" He smirked, as did Helen, before rushing him with a pre-emptive strike with her hot fists directly on his lower thigh, causing his pant to burn, exposing his shieldless circuit. He fell to the floor and his back dispatched a blinding smoke that covered the room and I couldn't see anything. I could see Helen's eyes that were glowing chartreuse and his that were neon crimson in the smoke charging speedily in perfect coordination in each other's direction. Their combat cleared the smoke steadily. I walked towards the door and tried to open it using my mouth, intermittently looking at them to ensure I don't get caught.

He grabbed her leg and bent it, and upon realising he couldn't break it he slammed her against the table harshly causing her face to deform as it hit against the table's corner, breaking the table into parts. He marched towards me, his eyes fueled with rage and Helen stood up behind him and held his face.

"RUN TO THE WINDOW DAVE!" she ordered as she threw his knife from the floor towards me. I picked it up with my hands bound at the back and began sawing through the wire. My hands were finally free.

I hurried towards the dilapidated window but as I looked over my shoulder; he hit her with a spinning back fist, causing sparks to come out of her disfigured face.

The little girl, Eleanor, stopped the music and walked out unexpectedly.

"Daddy?" she said, rubbing her eyes and weeping. She spun her tiny head around the room in tears, looking at the broken table and windows.

"Why are your eyes shining? Did you and your friend fight? Who is she ?" She said as she opened her arms and walked towards him to hug him.

His eyes became normal as he went down on one knee and hugged Elenor.

"It's nothing Elle, it is just a dream, shh..." he said as his fingers turned blue and held her head, instantly making her fall asleep. He looked at the floor dolefully rubbing the little girl's back, humming a tune.

Helen got up slowly behind him and tapped her face to fix her vision a little before patting his back. He turned reactively and she pulled the wire on his thighs causing his system to shut, his body fell to the floor holding and shielding the little girl who was sound asleep in his arms.

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