6 The Time Dime.

I cry as I stare at the rogue sky washed in different hues of pink. The dappled clouds appearing almost seaborne as it reflects in the distant waters. The pair of cranes flew into the lofty sky and the combative waves now calmed down slowly. I stared into the emptiness with damp cheeks, hoping there is a god. Trying to have a conversation with him in my mind as I folded my hands together. Praying, hoping I receive a sign.

But he never answers, does he? I holler, "F*CK you! F*CK everyone!" as I chuck rocks into the ocean furiously.

"If there was a god, why wouldn't it talk back?" I spoke to the air.

"Why are so many people constantly in trouble yet have faith?"

"I tried to be spiritual, attending meet ups and discussions on the 'almighty' and its greatly fulfilling powers. The speaker said you are responsible for the pain you go through."

That it is your Karma, be it good or bad that echoes back at you. But sometimes you get what you don't deserve... Unfair, right?

What can I say? Karma really is a b*tch.

"Your gurus said you're never given more pain than you can handle and that this life is only a construct. A test. And better things are heading your way when something is taken away. But I'd sound delusional if I agreed,"

"Karma? A test? Don't you have enough entertainment already?"

"Xara had faith in you, she loved you." I howled in broad daylight speaking to thin air like a lunatic. Tears symbolically gouging my eyes out.

"Xara was taken away from me. In exchange for what? Emptiness?" I begged the unseen entity to answer me.

When you're hell-bent on something you truly want in your life, no one and nothing can go against you. You manifest it. The universe and God himself expedites you beside your goal. That guidance is bestowed upon you and your virtuous path. That you're gifted with strength and flexibility; they said.

"Where are you now, huh?" I yelled at the sky with bloodshot eyes.

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My doodle rang, I picked. It was Pete from the office. He said he found files about holograph projects, incomplete notes about an unnamed project titled, the 'Time Dime' and old resignation letters dated 2040.

"The Time Dime?" I questioned.

"Is this from Razeghi's notes? From Blake's observations?"

"Yes, sir." He replied.

"Although it doesn-"

"Meet you at BagelVille in about 12 minutes?" I interrupted.

"If you say so…" He said.

I looked at the sky in disbelief. It felt like an endearingly tight slap. Coincidence or not, I had no time I rushed backwards to my jet black car. I put it on self-drive mode and texted Helen saying I will be back home, little a little late.

I bought an old-fashioned hot bagel sandwich stuffed with creamed spinach, crispy turkey bacon, and honey mustard along with a warm cup of herbal tea as I waited for Pete to arrive.

He showed up with a blueprint and A3 pages titled, 'THE TIME DIME' with its halves burnt.

I thanked him and asked him to order anything he'd like as I went through the pages.

He was only a college-going student working part-time to support his lodging and early savings. He lived in frugality and had planned on retiring early.

How did I know? I'm secretly a stalker? HUSH!

I interviewed him!

The blueprints included the structure of the so-called time dime. The notes had the parts required to assemble the orb-like structure, but they burned its uses off. I had to make this as soon as possible. I slammed 75 dollars on the table and pulled Pete by his collar.

"Thank you, Pete!" I said with a smile on my face.

I pulled my doodle out to call my car and sprinted out of the coffee shop. I tripped over a gentleman who helped me pick the papers up and rushed into the car without a polite thank you or sorry, whoop. Is karma going to get me? Who cares. I thought about all the hurtful things I said to thin air... Is it really what people claim it is...?

I dropped by a few stores to collect a few things listed on the notes. I went back home and directly into my home-office, shutting the room before Helen could see me.

I put upbeat music on and started cutting the Tungsten sheet up to the blueprint's suggested sizes with a Tukster, a special device used to cut through sturdy metals. I melted the edges using a device called a YTF and set the temperature to 3422 degree Celsius to form a semicircle; I added the amazonite and ensured there was vital filling for easier energy passing. The Selenoid helped maintain the magnetic field inside the orb and I finished making 6 orbs that were supposedly called the time dime and heated them at 1800 degree Celsius as written.

This is probably illegal and might create trust issues between Dr Blake and me. It might also get Pete into trouble. So, I kept a secret. From Helen, too.

I went to the shielded laboratory with one of the orbs, trying to make it work. The methods weren't listed as the notes were half burnt. I tried my best to make it work. This included charging it, tossing it, shaking it and whatnot.

It didn't work. It just didn't. I was frustrated and chucked the orb out onto my apartment's balcony. The pesky little thing didn't even make a sound as it met the ground.

Helen asked me if I was okay and told me that dinner was covered and served and that someone was going to arrive. She said my sister Bianca set me up to meet Jessi, a friend of hers.

"You can tell Bianca to get a life and stop wanting things for me that I myself don't want!" I yelled at Helen only to turn back and see she wasn't there.

I calmed myself down and went to the dinner table. Jessi had arrived. I couldn't see her face, however, so I rushed to my room and put on a pair of joggers and took off my blazer, revealing a plain white t-shirt to appear boring.

I walked towards her to ask her to leave. Before I could reach to a talking distance, she turned and greeted me. I noticed how she had no makeup on.

She was beautiful without it. She stood up to greet me and shook my hand. She was tall and had dark skin. Curly red hair pinned neatly on one side. She had a soft smile and a welcoming vibe. Green eyes and a sharp nose. Long black earrings that matched her lacy black dress. I couldn't treat a woman who seemed so kind like that.

I had no choice. I was disheartened and kept thinking about the time dime, but I sat and asked Helen to serve the food on our plates.

As we ate, I noticed how well mannered Jessi was. The right spoons for the right food. She'd cover her mouth to smile and had beautiful long lashes, just like Xara. I noticed a few similarities between Xara and Jessi as we spoke. Jessi was into event management as well.

The way she giggled almost resembled Xara's laugh. It reminded me of her. I could almost imagine Xara sitting across me and speaking to me as a stranger. Talking about the lousy clients and how particular they are. She told me how she liked the way I don't care too much about what I wear and that I could probably use a shave. I held her hand that was gently resting on the table. Thankfully, I snapped out, and my eyes widened as I realised this was Jessi, not Xara!

I dropped my spoon to serve it as a distraction and bent down to pick it up. A note slipped out of my t-shirt's usually empty pocket.

The note said:

'14th Boulevard street,10 pm. Come along with the time dimes only.'

I checked my doodle, and it was exactly 9:47 pm. It takes 20 minutes to walk, but it's easier to use my car. I could be there by 10:03 pm sharp. I had to rush, this could be someone who could be of help to me! They could tell me how to use this? Get to the past, change it!

"I'm sorry Jessi, I really need to go. Got some urgent things to handle, Helen will give you my phone number! Let's catch up later, shall we?" I smiled nervously as I walked to my home-office to collect the time dimes and securely place it in my briefcase.

She seemed to have understood.

I walked to the elevator in a hurry and waved at Helen and Jessi quickly before it took me down.

14th Boulevard street is a rather quiet street that only has houses with old people living in it. Do I need protection? Perhaps not as 14th Boulevard street is full of old people and their nurses. I turned the self-drive mode off and drove the car myself. I sped and broke the signal once. A fine of 10 dollars appeared on my car's screen, billed to my number plate. I could pay it off later, so I saved it for later.

I reached to the quiet neighbourhood. It had lush trees, most lights were turned off, and the sound of noisy crickets filled the surrounding air with eeriness. A person wearing a black hoodie waved at me.

"Is this an old 2000's murder-story?" thought to myself as sweat beaded my forehead.

"I better not get murdered" I inhaled the cold air, slowly.

I drove behind him as he leads me to a dead end with barely any houses before disappearing.

"Hello?" I said as I got out of the car

"I found your note," I said as I walked deeper into the alley.

I heard a door creak open next to me. And I cautiously opened the half-open door and turned my doodle's flash on.

"I've got what you want; we need to talk," I said as I kept the briefcase in front of me.


I spot a shadowy apparition on the long floor mirror in front of me that swiftly moved behind me. I turned reactively, but my mouth was muffled, and I was tackled down to the floor and repeatedly punched hard. I took a screwdriver out of my pocket and hit the person behind me. No reaction or scream though, just a powerful metallic thud... Whatever or whoever it was, it knocked me out to the point I couldn't defend myself even if I tried. This 'someone' was very strong and quick. I could see two people walk to the briefcase, holding hands as my vision blurred out and merged with the besieging darkness.

"Was this the end?"

"My fitting end?" I thought to myself as my head hit the floor grappling to rise.

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