11 The Haunting Tale of Blood and Pleasure.

None of the Mullers had noticed T and Sierra, just the guards at the entrance and the servants locked in the pantry whose memories were erased. Sierra went forward to the guest, a woman dressed elegantly sitting at the tea-table there to sing opera in the evening. Sierra then served a tray-full of scrumptious deserts iced with doxylamine succinate; a fast-acting lethal substance if overdosed but commonly used to battle insomnia, instantly making her fall asleep. T waited for Sierra's signal as she walked out of the mansion's patio when suddenly, two suited guards with microphones approached them.

"Sind sie von hier?" said one of them to Sierra (Translates to 'Are you from here?')

"Zeigen Sie uns Ihren Personalausweis," said the other guard firmly attempting to corner Sierra against the wall. (Translates to 'Show us your ID')

"Sicher, gutaussehend." (Translates to 'Sure, handsome.')

Sierra brushed her fingers from his shoulders and down his chest above his well-fit suit as her lips dispatched a mist that he inhaled. The mist seemed to be infused with pheromones and unknown substances.

"Dein Freund sieht eifersüchtig aus, warum gehst du nicht voran und tötest ihn?" she whispered into his ears. (Translates to 'Your friend looks jealous, why don't you go ahead and kill him?')

The guard turned to his colleague and ripped his microphones out so that the other guard couldn't communicate or call for help. His friend perplexed by the chain of events sprint calling for help from the other guards at the mansion near him. Sierra laughed, the guard pulled out his revolver and shot his friend 6 times in the back bringing an end to his call out for aid.

He snapped out of the spell Sierra cast on him and upon realising what he did, fearing the repercussions, the guard unloaded the bullets on himself, ending his own life as T and Sierra watched.

T walked towards the screening room that had access to all cameras in the mansion and disabled them. They charged towards the Mullers' dining room like shadows foreboding in the darkness, swiftly battling the guards they saw on their pathway.

Sierra killed for sport, she was possessed with pleasure and satisfaction. She would make sure to kill people in the most grievous ways, capturing their last moments for her own gratification, while T remained focussed on his goal of killing people for mission-sake. It was a bloody spree, a hideous sight to witness on the memory loop as I sat there in perfect stillness.

The family dined for lunch, 6 bodyguards around them at the lengthy table as they awaited their lunch that wasn't served. T and Sierra stood near the door, eavesdropping. Ed Muller, the elderly man was truly annoyed. He shouted at the guards, exasperated by the chefs. He ordered 2 of them to go call the chefs and servants to punish them. Sierra and T made a deal.

"You knock them out and I'll do the killing." offered Sierra to T.

"And for what-sake, promotion?" questioned T.

"Oh T, don't be so shallow. I'll make sure you have fun. Why don't you go get the other 4 guards while I focus on the Mullers?" she said.

"Mhm," replied T, not being the loquacious one of the duo.

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Sierra plods into the dining room dressed as a servant, with a pot of piping-hot curry, where all the Mullers sat. Ed Muller began hollering at her and insulting her because the food wasn't served yet. Sierra walked to the long elegant table, pulled a chair out and stared right into Ed Muller's eyes. The others' eyes widened as they watched in shock.

"What do you think you're doing, lady?" shouted Ed, struggling to stand back up on his feet from his chair because of old age. His wife stood up and asked her to leave. Sierra smiled, her body motionless, creepily staring right at Ed, in the eye.

"Guards!" Harry Muller stood up and ordered. Ed Muller still looked at Sierra, when the next second the guard's decapitated head falls into the child's portable cradle causing the child to cry. Zena rushed to the cradle and screamed as she sees her bodyguard's head lying next to her newborn, her baby now drenched in blood.

Sierra's eyes lit up for a second, intimidating the old man as all the bodies of their bodyguards fall on the floor, their heads severed from their bodies. Sierra laughed, tailgated by a bitter grin.

"Time to have fun, baby," she says as she approaches in the old man's direction and smashes him to the wall behind him causing him to scream in pain followed by a pour of boiling hot curry on his face as he faced a pitiless burn. Zena screeched at the sight as the baby is still crying in her arms and turns to look at Harry, who without notice, is lying on the floor, firm, his body deadened because of T, but his eyes speaking tales of true terror shedding tears and looking at his wife and baby.

Zena runs to the door and screeches for help along with her mother in law when suddenly the baby in her hand is pulled by the neck and thrown towards T by Sierra. He catches the baby, delicately.

Sierra calls her owner and broadcasts the killings on her loop. She pulls the women by their hair across the floor, the women struggling. T left the infant in a puddle of the guards' blood and choked the old man as he watched his wife get slaughtered in front of him. The old man immediately had a heart attack and fell to the floor, immobile as his wife laid on the floor with her intestines right beside her. Zena, still alive, Harry paralysed.

Sierra then banged Zena's head on the table's edge and as it starts to bleed, she drags her by her foot like a toy, aligning Zena to her husband's paralysed body. T then swiftly kills the 2 guards who return to a bloody floor after trying to find the servants with a single strike.

The client on video call laughs and then says, "How could you take everything away from me and think you'd live happily, Zena? You promised to marry me, made a thousand saccharine-sweet amends but married my brother instead? You betrayed me, wicked gold-digging whore."

"Taylor, I'm so sorry, I promise,"

"I will do as you say, we can talk this out," Zena begs for forgiveness and mercy followed by her mouth muffled by T.

Taylor continued, "And you, Harry, I really wish you could understand that our mothers were never the same." he smirked.

"My mother killed herself because dad married your mum, selfishly, and just because you're older than me, you get the inheritance? You talk about being fair always, don't you?" he challenged

"Tell me now, Harry Muller, how's that fair?" Taylor probed with his eyes fueled in madness.

"We c- can-"

"make a d-deal." Harry stuttered to negotiate as he laid on the floor, unable to control ay movement properly.

"End them, tortuously." the robot's owner commanded emphasising on the word 'tortuously.'

T's arm transformed into a large sword to end Harry's life but Sierra stopped him. She held Zena's feet and swung her round and round before throwing her at Harry, causing them both to glide across the bloody floor. Sierra then balanced on their heads and smiled looking at T. "You're my light." whispers Zena looking at the baby who is on the floor, at a distance.

Sierra kicks her face and Zena moans in pain, fighting to see and smile as she cries and looks at her husband and baby one last time, not knowing her own end as Sierra's heels penetrate their skulls, killing them instantly. The baby, not old enough to even comprehend what had just happened, cried relentlessly.

T went towards the baby slowly, impassive.

"Shut that stupid thing up already, ugh," Sierra whined.

"I'm gonna go deliver her to the client, you wipe off all potential evidence. Thanks," T said as he picked the baby into his gigantic arms and walked out.

Never to be seen, ever again.

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