9 The German Assassin.

"Dav-" said Helen languidly before dropping on the floor because of damage caused to her system. Silence loaded the air around me as I looked at the robots and the child lying lifelessly on the messy, dust-filled floor. The quietness grew as I tried to think of my next move, listening to the rhythm of my breath. I looked through the window with broken glass to see if anyone was out on the 14th Boulevard street.

The vacant street encouraged me to rush to my tesla that was parked behind the house near the entrance. The house looked abandoned from the outside. There was no fresh paint but dust and moulds that covered the house's exterior. After parking the car right outside the door, I went into the house and looked for my doodle and the briefcase.

In the child's room, there was nothing but a pair of clothes, a ball, a large soft blanket and speakers. The room was pretty much empty. An old, dirty bedsheet was used as curtains. The house looked uninhabited for years... The house itself looked clean on the inside but completely empty... Who were they and why did she call this robot her father? Was he hired to kill me?

I found the briefcase, but it had numerous scratches on it and the handle was broken as if someone had been trying to open it without entering the password, which made sense now. I created this briefcase with an alloy that can be scratched with the strongest pressure but never broken. I picked my doodle and the briefcase up along with the child's things in a cloth bag that I found in my car.

*TINNG* *TINNG* *TINGG* My doodle chimed. I was flooded with notifications from my colleagues, my sister, Helen, and Dr Blake. I looked at the date. 14th June 2050. I'd been in this house for the past two days with no food or form of communication... Helen probably found my location by tracing my car. I gently pulled the little girl from the robot's hand and placed her in my car's backseat. I struggled to get the robot's heavy metallic body into the trunk but succeeded. Helen was comparatively light. And drove to my office.

"Retrieving location", a virtual voice emitted from the trunk. I stopped the car and went to investigate. A tiny device was glued to the robot's neck. I took the tukster and cut it out. It beeped. I chucked it into the ocean beneath the bridge I was on and head to the office.

I replied to everyone I could and started repairing Helen. My grandmother was beautiful when she was young. Green eyes, olive skin and black hair. She was tall and flexible just like this robot, Helen was created to replicate her. I began moulding her face and fixed her software then put her to charge in the work. The little girl woke up and came running to me as I opened the cabin's door.

"Where's daddy?" she tilt her head and pouted sadly.

"He's gone to work, Eleanor," I replied.

"He doesn't work! Did he go to get groceries?" she said confusingly.

"Ah... Yes." I said and sat down on the chair.

"I WANT SAUSAGES!" she screamed in excitement and sat on my lap.

"And candy,"

"and cheese sticks with cheese dip and grape soda." she looked at me and smiled with all her teeth.

"Can you ask him to get them?"

"Please?" said Eleanor, looking at me with puppy eyes. She was really cute, I must admit. I called my assistant, but as the phone started ringing, Helen walked into my cabin and noticed the child. She smiled.

"Who are you" questioned Eleanor with a pout.

Helen came towards me and whacked me and said, "I'm his grand-"

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"-assistant!" I interrupted.

"She's my grand assistant... The higher level of assistants... She'll inform your dad to get the items you asked for... Won't you, Helen?" I asked nervously. Eleanor gave me a perplexed look once again.

"As long as I get to eat!"

"Of course!" said Helen, smiling at her while grabbing my shoulder aggressively.

"DÁNKE !" she smiled and hugged me. (Thank you in German)

Eleanor needed to go to the toilet, so Helen escorted her to it like an assistant would, playing along. As soon as Eleanor went in, Helen charged towards me with her hand on her hips.

"Estas loco?" she retorted. (Translates to are you crazy in Spanish)

"What were you thinking, child?" she continued. This is just how my real grandmother would react... I smiled to myself before explaining what exactly happened, what I was trying to do, and everything else. She was my human diary, after all, my best friend... Probably the only friend I have left after drifting away socially from everyone ever since Xara died.

"Hmm..." she pretended to exhale. I awaited her opinion.

"Am I supposed to help you or tell you this is crazy, Dave?"

"I know..." I replied.

"Please don't tell Bianca for now. Could you try to repair the robot?" I plead. Eleanor walked out of the washroom and waved at us enthusiastically.

"Okay," said Helen hesitatively and exited the room waving at Eleanor. I head home with Eleanor at night. Bianca was at my place with all her kids.

"I was really worried! You could've at least told Helen about your sudden business trip," she said with a grumpy face before noticing the red-head girl hiding me.

"Aww, who are you?"

"My father's his friend," said Eleanor shyly.

"What's your name? Come, let me introduce you to my kids." Bianca smiled as she took Eleanor to meet Cece, Kuro and Maya, who were dined in and waiting for me.

I freshened up and called Helen to check if he is repairable. Helen told me she's fixed him but she doesn't want to start his system because she went through his memory loop. The memory loop is a recording that is saved on a robot's database that can be watched later. It records things that have happened in their lifetime.

She revealed to me that he was a Type 2 Robot Assassin titled 'Model-T' who was made in the 2040s by people who delegated assignments to him in order to assassinate or murder people... His body is built to kill people and armies of people together. He was hired to kill the Muller family in Germany. She said she will bring the memory loop to me later at night to watch. I couldn't wait to know why he was behind me. I searched up the Muller Family.

They were a wealthy family in Germany who mysteriously died one night in August of 2045. Unrecognisable bodies were found in their mansion with their intestines ripped out of their bodies. Members of the family included all 4 Mullers and their 2-month-old baby Adriana. None of the bodies were identified properly as the scene was gruesome and bloody and the case was shut without any leads the following year. Which leaves me to the question...

Is Eleanor no one else but Adrianna? And if yes, why didn't T kill her? Why did he want the TIME DIMES?

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