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As I read this story, it really touched me. The author has used such beautiful poetic imagery that cannot be described. I must say that the author is putting a lot of effort into this work which can be seen through the thorough research work carried out to give us some phenomenal material to read. This story is excellent, and I can only see it grow further and blossom into a truly marvellous story of the sci-fi genre.


Let me take a minute to process everything..... This was nice! A whole new level kind of nice! A heart tearing kind of nice that left us, readers, feeling emotional and passionate and...man I'm so touched. This is a one in a million kind of nice. You did a good job there author! I wish you luck on your writing journey! I look forward to more of your incoming chapters. Hands raised to you! Keep up the good work!


The storyline is very interesting. I love the words that are written and the emotions that go into each sentence, flowing and so easy to understand that we can really feel what the characters are feeling. The story concept is also very well developed. From the start, the first chapter was deep and emotional. Story development is very good. The writing is good. The synopsis is also very well written because it can make readers curious. I really enjoyed it, thank you, author! Impressive! Keep it up!


Finally! Something different! Not "CEO daddy, CEO mumy, CEO something, etc..." I loved movies like "Equilibrium", "Minority Raport", "Butterfly effect", etc. so I admire the concept of your story. It is a very interesting idea... I hope you will bear with the importance of the difficult topic ;) I wish all the best with that!


There was someone who once told me that "things shouldn't be made out of impulse but with much deliberation and researches" That's what comes to my mind as I read this beautiful piece. The efforts and emotions put in each word and lines is overwhelmingly good. I felt different mix emotions reading this. I really 100000000x recommended this story to everyone out there. And I would really look forward to more update. Thank you author for writing this wonderful novel and I hope to see this reach higher levels. This novel deserve a lot of things.


Oh my god what a story ! I just liked all the words in the story and if I want to say specifically it has so many English terms that I don't know😂 lol but that made me curious to know more English terms from your story and the description you gave in this story made me to think about the main characters and for last this is the best book I ever read !


Quite the interesting story right here. Tbh I'm not really a fan to science-fic because there's to many stuff to research. You did well as an author and researched most of the science problems that could result from time travel for that I applaud. Keep going forward with your story, don't give up half-way for the reason that you don't have views because you'll realize as you write day by day the fact that there will be a small following always looking forward to seeing your story going forward. Good luck forward, and don't get discouraged in what you're trying to do. P.S Even myself I type who writes dark stuff can feel the emotions you want to share to the viewer in the MC agony of reliving the moments his soulmate perished. This part got me good, with that limbo of the mind.


The descriptions and metaphors here were so damn good! It was explained so well I loved reading it. The romance element is very intriguing and will keep people hooked! Interesting plot too! Good work Author!


The protagonist needs a break🤧🤧🤧🤧 I feel his pain and I'm not even married yet.🤧🤧🤧 Please just let him be happy for once. Such a poor soul🤧🤧🤧


This is one of the best SI-FI novels I have ever read or maybe the best cause still in progress...The concept, storylines,demonstration and amalgamation between adhering to social etiquettes and to the natural disciplines are incredible. I read the entire contents in just two days in contrast of my tendency as I jst couldn't hold myself infront of such a thrilling Cuentos. One line to the novelist for her superlative, sensational and magnificent piece of work- 'Amada author any short of words can't define the efforts behind the scene so don't be down from critical reviews, u r jst amazing and so your work, this's the beginning fire the murk. we'r eagerly waiting for further thrills...


I bet you're a great poet! I really like your book! A sci-fi, romantic novel is a fresh genre. I really enjoyed reading it. Goodluck on your journey fellow writer!!


The pace is slower than expected but the story itself is good. Good descriptions and the narration is well done. The chapter length however differs as the story progresses. Not a bad thing I say but what is important is that the story itself is moving in a steady pace. The world is intriguing and the concept of time travel also. Maybe as I read the story further I will understand the complexity of the world and its concepts. Well written and well executed in terms of writing, That's all for my review. Thank you!


Wow, this story is really interesting for this particular genre. The author did a good job in creating a very eye catching title and the contents did not undermine the work of the title either. It's a really great work, keep it up I'm a fan already.


Very interesting, I don't do romance stories, but when I read the synopsis I was very happy and intrigued all in the same. when I read the words 'time travel' I was there, something different and unique that you have for your book here. the writing is well done, storyline is well done, over all a very nice read, really wanting to see what happens next, a job well done author !!


A book that is something all writers of this Genre should strive for. I hope that more books such as this come into focus and others take inspiration from this work.


3 hours: A Gamble in Time is fascinating. From the beginning, it hooks you with a mystery wrapped up in poetry, and it doesn't let you go. The strength of the work is tied to the depth of its introspection. Using a 1st person narrative, the author opens the door to the MC's heart and mind. She shows us his hell-bent determination to stand against time itself for his love, and let's face it, obsession. It's very well written, with the exception of some grammatical errors, some misspelt words, and a certain disregard of the conventions of writing. For instance, I noticed that the double inverted commas were used for both internal and external dialogue. It's fine to use either for either, but not to you either for both. Ultimately, this is a very well done story, with an interesting premise, a well executed plot, and generally stong prose. Romance isn't really my thing, but if it's yours, this is the story for you.


Wow! That's the only word I could use ti describe your novel. I never thought this story would be so interesting! I just started and kept on reading. Please author, keep updating.


Great work by the author. The author has put a lot or work tp describw the scientific aspects of the thjngs involved in the novel which is great. The description of the scenes is too good. I enjoyed. Hoping for author to upload soon.


The first chapter had me in tears. Honestly, the best writing l have seen on webnovel that really moved me. You can really tell that the MC really fell in deep love. I cannot recommend it enough. I'll be telling all my friends and family to get a read in as well! Brilliant!


First chapter and I can sense a super angst on this I don't know why ;-; The transition is great, the characters as likeable and sad (the mc) for me, he need hugs. Love the poetry style! Good luck on your story!!


Omg such a powerful start. I really live poetry and I am aesthete. So I would like to recommend this novel to everyone I know. Novels leave a deep impression because of the most amazing artistic style. I can see you had put a lot of effort there.


Way to pull at my heart strings! 😫 Different from what I’m use to reading. But I like it great work 👏 That’s a lot of characters for a review 😅


Did not expect to like the story as much as I do based on the synopsis but the story quickly proved me wrong. 10/10 very well written novel. I love the mystery and suspense. This is my first novel from this author but I cannot wait to see the full reveal by the end of the book.